10 Parental Pet Peeves: The Early Years

Parental Pet PeevesLast week I let you in on my true happy moments as a mother. Today I’m going to get down to business.

It’s not all faeries and pixie dust when it comes to parenting. We are of a time now, where we can admit as much, right?

I know this to be only partially true, because sadly, we are a ferocious race whom it would seem almost instinctually prey and feed upon others. Not always; mayhaps some more than others, very rarely in the literal sense.

Oh, how dark. Yet, this is me. I am equal (arguably) parts dark and light and revel in both. An odd combination that makes for a bit of a strange bird (me), but no matter. If I am a strange-bird-mother-lady, so be it.

This strange-bird-mother-lady has challenging days as a momma and who thinks it’s okay to joke about it all. Here are some of my pet-peeves (the early years – #FirstWorldProblems, I know!)…

  • The Never-ending Mountains Of Laundry 1 of 10
    The Never-ending Mountains Of Laundry
    This is a common adversity with many a mother. Maybe some dads. Just not at my house. I'm pretty much in charge of the laundry. Lest I want stained, shrunken clothes. Truth be told it's a love/hate relationship that I have with laundry. I hate when it piles up, while I get a nerdly sense of satisfaction out of staying on top of it and find a small amount of bliss from laundry fresh off of the line.
  • Matchbox Cars 2 of 10
    Matchbox Cars
    It's not the cars themselves that I can't stand. It's how my toddler constantly (whose baby sister now follows suit) rolls them under the crib or his bed. Amongst many other things. It's like the best game ever to shove things in places that are back achingly hard to retrieve. Fun, wow, wheee!
  • Puzzle Pieces 3 of 10
    Puzzle Pieces
    It started with the toddler who has now grown out of the habit of dumping puzzle peices out all over the place constantly. His sister has now caught on to the non-stop fun. Only she (tries) to eat them (and has succeeded a couple of times) to her brother's utter dismay. So. We then have a predicament of a toddler melting over his puzzle that won't go together anymore, pieces missing and constantly underfoot . Put them away up high, I know. Except for the fact that we are trying to teach them something about actually listening.
  • Stepping On Legos 4 of 10
    Stepping On Legos
    If toddlers and babies were adults, they'd know that leaving lego peices strewn all over the place really means this. Which of course they don't, which is why they do it. Surely.
    Image via: Angie Stong on Flickr
  • Getting Messed On 5 of 10
    Getting Messed On
    Spit-up, puke, pee and poo. None of it's among the top substances I'd like to be smeared or covered in. Not even a little bit. However, there comes a time, wherein a mama barely flinches under such circumstances. We live in scary times, my friends. Scary.
  • Mommy Brain 6 of 10
    Mommy Brain
    Where am I? What was I saying? What time is it? Oh my word, my eyes are burning and I care not about the rats nest on top of my head. Also known as: hot-mess-mommy. (This term nalis it, so get over it.) Also related, Mommy Wars (and the fact that the term was even created). This term does not work, so no I will not get over it.
  • Lack of Sleep 7 of 10
    Lack of Sleep
    Obviously. The woe of all parents of youngsters the world over. The rest of y'all are tired of hearing about it. I know. And we'll keep complaining about it and loving our babies at the same time. That is all.
  • Lack of Time To/For Self 8 of 10
    Lack of Time To/For Self
    You know, for things like eating, showering, going to the loo - never mind anything 'extra-curricular'. All of which was considered pre-children and accepted as my fate. Doesn't mean it's not challenging at times.
  • Being Sauced At For Nothing Much 9 of 10
    Being Sauced At For Nothing Much
    Except for maybe forgetting to pick off all the red peppers (from the pizza), or singing a certain song. Or dancing in the morning. Momma! How DARE you dance in the morning before I've had my milk. I mean, REALLY.
  • Losing My Patience 10 of 10
    Losing My Patience
    This one is a pet peeve I have with myself. Parenting is the hardest job I've ever had, constantly testing my resilience, strength of character and patience. The love is never hard to come by, but sometimes the patience is. Not comparing one-self to other women's all-star mothering techniques? That helps. Quote by Theodore Roosevelt.
    Image via: Dear Musketeer

What are yours?


Selena is a crafty, culinary mom. Creative Director. Social Media & Branding Consultant. Regular writer on Disney Baby. Part-time big-mouth & frequent foot-eater. Proud of her Anishinaabe roots.

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