10 Perfect Holiday Gifts for New Siblings

Sometimes with a new baby and the constant rush of the holiday season, the new sibling or siblings may start to feel a little left out. Lately, I’ve noticed a little jealousy as soon as I pick up the baby in the house to feed him or even change his diaper. Today for example, my 18-month-old decided she was going to sit on my lap while I changed him. She is all about being mommy’s little helper along with my almost 3-year-old. Which is why for Christmas I will be stocking up on lots of “like mommy” items under the tree.

When you bring home a new baby it’s like your other littles go into full mommy mode, too. At least that is how it has been around my house. Let your child think they are just like you. Let them change their babies’ diapers when you are changing the newbie’s. I even let them use the real diapers sometimes. And that is so exciting to them. When they start to get jealous the moment you pick up the baby to feed him, remind them to grab their baby doll and have them sit with you. I found that if you focus their attention on something else, similar to what you are doing, it really helps the whole new baby jealously situation. It’s like you’re playing house too! Playing with baby dolls teachers your older child how to really love and nuture. With Christmas just a few weeks away, this is a great time to grab a few pretend play items that will help occupy your little Mommy or practicing little Dad.

Take a look at some super-cute and fun items you should add to your little helper’s wish list to help them adjust to life with a new baby.

  • Diaper Bag 1 of 10
    Diaper Bag
    A monogramed diaper bag designed to look just like Mom's diaper bag or carryall, what little girl wouldn't love this just-like-mom-gift?
    Buy it from Pottery Barn Kids
  • Wooden Pram 2 of 10
    Wooden Pram
    Yes, everyone needs a little buggy! The great part about these adorable wooden doll prams is they have boy colors too, or a gender-neutral wood! It's okay to let your boy play with dolls too! I love the mattress and pillow that comes along with it too!
    Buy it from Haba USA
  • Changing Table 3 of 10
    Changing Table
    How fun! A changing table is a nursery essential and a new mom must-have, right? So of course your little mommy will love having one of her own!
    Buy it from American Girl
  • Soft Baby Doll 4 of 10
    Soft Baby Doll
    A soft and plush baby doll is great for younger siblings. When I first welcomed my 4th girl, the 3rd was only 15 months. She wasn't quite into "real" baby dolls but she absolutely loved having a soft baby doll to carry around, similar to a lovie. When I fed Sadie, she would give her baby a bottle and carried her everywhere because she was lightweight and just so very soft to cuddle with.
    Buy it from Pottery Barn Kids
  • Floral Front Carrier 5 of 10
    Floral Front Carrier
    Heading out for a walk? Don't let your little forget their doll carrier so they can easily bring their doll along. This is a creative way to have them be just like you.
    Buy it from American Girl
  • Grand Dollhouse 6 of 10
    Grand Dollhouse
    This adorable and oh-so-pretty doll house is perfect for the little mother hen. With a little imagination, your little one can play house for hours! Baby included.
    Buy it from Pottery Barn Kids
  • Knitted Doll 7 of 10
    Knitted Doll
    Finding a doll that is soft and easy to care for with little hands is always a plus. But, my favorite part about these knitted dolls is the doll clothes that you can purchase as well. They look just like clothes you would put on a newborn. So cute! Boy dolls available too!
    Buy it from Blabla kids
  • Just Like Mom 8 of 10
    Just Like Mom
    For those of you who love Maclaren strollers, this one is for you! Your new big sister or brother will love the true-to-life details just like your stroller. After all, it's a doll-sized edition of The Quest stroller. So cool! The 5-in-1 set includes all the baby gear you need for life with a newborn.
    Buy it from Maclaren
  • Doll Starter Set 9 of 10
    Doll Starter Set
    Just like Mom - this adorable and so life like doll comes with everything you need as a new momma.
    Buy it from American Girl
  • Laundry Set 10 of 10
    Laundry Set
    A day in the life of a new mommy wouldn't be complete without laundry. I love this playset because it doesn't take a lot of space and it is great for the younger siblings to the older child. I am sure both my youngest and oldest would play with this, which is always something I think about when toy shopping. Complete with fun lights and electronic washing sounds too! Even an iron for tiny hands. So cute!
    Buy it from Step2

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