10 Political Women Role Models for My Daughter

political women featuredAs the mom of a little girl, I find myself looking at women in the public eye as potential role models for my baby daughter. I’m sure the time will come that she will want to model her wardrobe and attitude after pop stars and actresses and I’m (mostly) ok with that. But as a feminist and political junkie, I want to make sure that she knows there are women who make American history, not just compete on American Idol.

Women have been integral to the creation of the America we know today. From Abigail Adams aiding her husband President John Adams behind the scenes to Gabrielle Giffords working as a legislator and advocate for gun safety laws, women provide brains and momentum to some of the greatest social movements of the day.

There’s an old adage that women must be twice as good to be considered the equal of men. This is certainly true of women who have been the first to hold positions of power: the first woman elected to Congress, the first woman Justice of the Supreme Court, the first woman Speaker of the House. These and others are all women I admire and hope my daughter will grow to emulate.

  • Jeanette Rankin 1 of 10
    Jeanette Rankin
    A Montana Republican, Jeanette Rankin broke the gender barrier when she became the first female Member of Congress, elected for the first time before women were even allowed to vote!
    Photo Credit: US. House of Representatives
  • Eleanor Roosevelt 2 of 10
    Eleanor Roosevelt
    The first US delegate to the United Nations, her work on human rights at home and abroad is historic.
    Photo Credit: The White House
  • Anne Richards 3 of 10
    Anne Richards
    This straight talking governor of Texas hunted with the boys, rode motorcycles, and kept her state running like a well-oiled machine. I love her wit and steely strength.
    Photo Credit: State of Texas
  • Susan B. Anthony 4 of 10
    Susan B. Anthony
    One of America's leading suffragists, Anthony was actually jailed for daring to vote. Her work laid the foundation for women finally gaining the right to vote in 1920.
    Photo Credit: Wikipedia
  • HIllary Clinton 5 of 10
    HIllary Clinton
    From First Lady, to Senator, to Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton operates with methodical competence and incredible intelligence. She always make a point of listening as much as she talks. That quality alone makes her a tremendous leader.
    Photo Credit: U.S. Department of State
  • Sandra Day O’Connor 6 of 10
    Sandra Day O'Connor
    Appointed in 1981, Justice O'Connor was the first female Justice of the Supreme Court. Just thinking of that as an achievement gives me chills!
    Photo Credit: U.S. Supreme Court
  • Madeleine Albright 7 of 10
    Madeleine Albright
    Mrs. Albright was the first female Secretary of State and oversaw negotiations in the Middle East and personally met with Kim Jong Il of North Korea. I often joke that she got her diplomatic skills as the mother of twins!
    Photo Credit: U.S. Department of State
  • Nancy Pelosi 8 of 10
    Nancy Pelosi
    Pelosi served as the first female Speaker of the House. Her leadership is considered instrumental in the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010.
    Photo Credit: U.S House of Representatives
  • Olympia Snowe 9 of 10
    Olympia Snowe
    A much discussed Senator from Maine, Snowe is best known for staying a moderate course favored by her constituents instead of bowing to leadership. I admire her principals and her loyalty to the people of her state.
    Photo Credit: U.S. Senate
  • Betty Ford 10 of 10
    Betty Ford
    This dynamic First Lady used her influence and her experience with substance abuse to normalize the idea of addiction treatment and how society views those with addictions.
    Photo Credit: The White House

Photo credit: The White House


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