10 Precious Moments Between Sisters

I used to think that I’d be really overwhelmed by having two kids in the house. I stressed out about it all the time wondering how I was going to “do it all.” I was so focused on it that I forgot about the good times that would come with two kids. Watching my girls and their relationship as sisters is probably one of my favorite things about having two kids. I could stare and watch them for hours.

They have just started to argue with one another over toys and such. Although it’s hard trying to be fair and break it up between them, it’s also so funny to watch a 14 month old and a 3 year old get into it over something so mundane. It also reminds me a lot of the relationship that I have with my sister. But with those little spats, comes love and compassion for one another. They are the precious moments between sisters that I hope they cherish in their heart forever. I know I will.

  • Sister Love 1 of 11
    sister love

    Click through for 10 precious moments between Harlan and Avery.

  • Pajama Party 2 of 11

    I took the girls to a pajama party at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was so fun to watch them dance and play together in this amazing space full of artifacts and history.

  • Reunited 3 of 11
    photo 1-1

    This is the face that the girls make when they see each other when Harlan gets out of preschool. Could it get any better?

  • Slide 4 of 11
    photo 1

    This was Avery's first time down the slide. With a little help from her daddy and from her big sister, she loved it. She tried to climb up herself after the first time because she liked it so much. It's now her favorite thing to do with her sister when we go to the playground.

  • Hug it Out 5 of 11
    photo 2-1

    Two seconds before this photo was taken the girls were fighting over a piece of chalk. I didn't have to get involved and they worked it out themselves. They gave each other a hug right after. And then my heart melted.

  • Dancing Queens 6 of 11
    photo 2

    I took them to an event with me and there was a DJ playing music. The girls automatically joined hands and started dancing together. They were the life of the party.

  • Cool Girls 7 of 11
    photo 3-1

    This is what our daily routine looks like. Avery loves when Harlan rides her scooter in front of the stroller. She yells Harlan's name while laughing. It's the cutest sound ever.

  • Bedtime Bash 8 of 11
    photo 3

    Probably one of my favorite photos of the girls. This was them getting ready for bed when we stayed at a hotel. They both tried to take over our big bed. 

  • Breakfast in the Park 9 of 11
    photo 4-1

    We started our family tradition of eating breakfast in the park on Saturday mornings. This is how they keep each other entertained the entire time. Smiles for all.

  • Morning Cuddles 10 of 11
    photo 5

    Both girls generally wake up at the same time and we bring them in the bed with us during the weekends to try to get some extra cuddles with them. Rather than cuddling with us, they decided to cuddle with one another. 

  • Fun with Boxes 11 of 11

    The girls look forward to our weekly grocery delivery (it's a city thing) just so they can play with the boxes. Here they are taking a big trip to the moon! 

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