10 Pregnancy Journals to Capture Every Moment

If there’s anything I’ve learned through all of my pregnancies, it is that all pregnancies are not created equal. And this one proves that more and more each day.

I love writing down all of my thoughts during pregnancy so that I can have something to look at when I am older and my kids are older. There are often times that I ask my mom questions about her pregnancies and unfortunately she didn’t write anything down ( and we all  know that we suffer from a little pregnancy amnesia after we have the baby,) she doesn’t remember much.

Although I write much of my pregnancy journey here on Babble and on my personal blog, there are a lot of moments that I experience during my pregnancy that I want to remain private. Thoughts and emotions that I would love to only share with my child one day.

Fortunately there are many ways for us to capture all of those thoughts and emotions that we experience during pregnancy. With modern technology, the simple download of an app on our phone can have us journaling away. Or if you prefer the old school method of pencil and paper, there are plenty of options out there that allow you to write down those words.

I am on the hunt for the perfect pregnancy journal to preserve all of my special moments during pregnancy. Take a look at some of my favorites I found throughout my search.

  • Document the Special Moments 1 of 11
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  • Tiny Beans 2 of 11
    If you are looking to just save precious photos of your pregnancy with short blurbs, Tiny Beans is your journal. It is both an app and an online journal that organizes your photos and lets you share them with friends or keep them private. Each photo you upload lets you write a short description and will get organized by date in your journal.
  • Expecting Joy 3 of 11
    This pregnancy journal is for the modern mom. It features a gorgeous Eames rocker on the front and is filled with blank pages that will soon be filled with your thoughts and emotions as you travel through your pregnancy journey. 
  • Personalized Pregnancy Journal 4 of 11
    Make this journal all your own with the great personalization option. It has different sections for each trimester along with prompts to go with it. 
  • Sprout Pregnancy Journal 5 of 11

    Capture all of pregnancy's greatest and most touching moments right on your phone with this iPhone app. I love that you can easily have all of these digital memories printed into a coffee table book after your pregnancy so that you can cherish it forever.

    Download Sprout Pregnancy Journal, Free

  • Tweekaboo 6 of 11

    I really love Tweekaboo because it it both an app and an online journal so it makes recording moments and taking photos easily. You can quickly take a photo of your pregnancy on your phone and upload it through the app and then later go on the site to write your feelings about that moment. It's a great way to track the pregnancy.


    Download Tweekaboo, Free

  • The Nine 7 of 11
    This journal breaks it down week by week giving you prompts to answer each week. It also has space for your ultrasound photos. This is a great journal for busy moms that just want to quickly remember moments during pregnancy. This journal Makes it easy. 
  • MaMentos 8 of 11
    This is a fun and bold pregnancy journal that focuses more on mom during the pregnancy. It asks humorous questions, gives you top ten lists to write in each month, and even some blank space to write your thoughts. 
  • My Pregnancy Journal 9 of 11
    This handmade journal is absolutely gorgeous. It is broken down into four tabs, including all three trimesters and the arrival of your baby. It has prompts within each category and free space sections for your thoughts. One of my favorite parts of this journal is that it has a section for dad to write his thoughts. 
  • Notes to my Baby 10 of 11
    This is a great journal to keep on your bedside table so that you can write down thoughts about your pregnancy each night. There are no prompts inside, just blank notebook paper ready for you to fill with your thoughts on your growing bundle of joy.
  • The Pregnancy Journal 11 of 11
    This is a great journal that gives you both prompts to answer as well as blank space to just freely write your thoughts. It also includes facts about each week of your pregnancy including how you should be feeling as well as how the baby is growing. It's both informational and personal.

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