10 Reasons I Love Raising a Baby in the City

This summer marks year three that we moved from Florida to New York City. While I grew up in the suburbs my entire life, city living is the only way that I know when it comes to motherhood.

We moved here when Harlan was just nine months old and before that I was living in Florida with her while my husband was in NYC. We traveled a lot and it all seems like kind of a blur. City living isn’t the easiest way to raise children, but I really do love every single aspect of it.

With our third child on the way it puts so many things up in the air for our family. As much as I’d love to stay and raise all three of our children in the city, we don’t know if that is what’s best for our family. To be honest, I don’t know of many families that have more than two kids living in the city. People look at me like I’m crazy with just two.

Although our future in the city is up in the air, I thought that I’d go through some of the many reasons that I love raising my girls in the city.

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  • Errands Made Easy 2 of 11

    I can't tell you how many times I've gone to change Avery's diaper and I realize that I don't have any. With very little storage space in our apartment, I have to buy as I need things. Thankfully rather than popping the girls in their car seats and driving to the store, I put them in the stroller and run to the store that is only a minute walk. I love have the grocery store, drug store, fruit stand, and coffee shop right outside of our apartment. It makes shopping much more fun and more efficient. 

  • Introduce Them to All Types of Cuisines 3 of 11

    As someone who loves food, I was so thrilled to move to a city that has nearly everything. I didn't grow up trying a lot of different foods, but I knew that I wanted my girls to. I love introducing them to foods from all around the world so that they can expand their palate from an early age. The best part? Most of those places will deliver. 

  • Strollers Are The Way to go 4 of 11

    With no car, our stroller is one of our main modes of transportation. I like this not only because of the constant exercise, but also because it means that Avery doesn't have to get in the car seat. Avery really isn't a fan of being in a car and always finds a way to let us know how miserable she is in her car seat. Thankfully being in a stroller is fine for her and lucky for us, the city has plenty going on all the time so there is always something to keep her entertained. 

  • Ice Cream Trucks 5 of 11

    You might think I'm crazy for this one, but ice cream trucks were such a part of my childhood that I love that my girls can grow up having them around too. But unlike the suburbs, NYC has ice cream trucks on nearly every corner with any type of ice cream you can imagine. I love taking the girls for a stroll and having an impromptu ice cream date on our way home. I hope they cherish that memory as much as I do. 

  • Small Spaces Equals More Family Bonding 6 of 11

    We live in a small two bedroom apartment in the city. It definitely takes some getting used to, but there is one thing that I love about living in such a small space; bonding time. If we lived in a big house, I don't know if we'd spend half the time with one another that we do. It forces us to get close and really bond. 

  • The Park is Our Backyard 7 of 11

    With no real backyard, we've learned that we have something far better than that. All of the great NYC parks that are minutes away are our backyard. With the sprinklers, jungle gyms, swings, and so many people, I can't think of a better backyard for any little kid. 

  • The Culture 8 of 11

    Moving to New York City made me feel like I grew up living in a bubble. We live within walking distance of some of the best museums in the world. It's amazing that we can introduce them to art when they are just months old that some people might not ever be able to see in their lifetime. 

  • Public Transportation 9 of 11

    It's like having a driver that will take you anywhere at any time. Sure there are some drawbacks to not owning a car, but with public transportation, I get the best seat with this girl. 

  • Always Learning 10 of 11

    We passed this piece of art everyday on our walk to take my oldest daughter to preschool. It always sparked conversation between us. Avery would just look and point at it each time we walked by. I love that no matter where we walk in the city, there is always something that they can learn about. 

  • Finding New Places 11 of 11

    This city never ceases to amaze or surprise me. The girls and I are never short of something to do. Just walking around the city we will find places that we've never seen before. Just a couple of weeks ago we found this little park that was only a few blocks from our apartment. In the three years that we've lived here, I never knew it existed. The girls had a blast playing somewhere new and I couldn't seem to get that gorgeous backdrop out of my mind. 

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