10 Reasons I Switched to Cloth Diapers

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As if the money-saving aspect doesn’t drive enough families to switch over to cloth diapers these days … there are tons of other reasons to really give them a true shot.

I tried to switch a couple years ago when my oldest was a baby, but after buying a handful of diapers I had no idea how to use, thinking that simple cloth diapers really couldn’t be that confusing … I surrendered almost overnight and gave up.

Whatever — I totally realize that cloth diapering isn’t for everyone, right?

In the past month, we really have started cloth diapering 100% of the time in our house, to the point where my almost-four-year-old is now wearing cloth overnight instead of pull-ups for the occasional mistake at night.  While my laundry has increased about 3-4 loads a week, my bill for diapers is now $0 a month … except for when I go on a spending spree when I see a good diaper sale online.

I started to think of some of the top reasons we switched over, and I put them together in hopes of encouraging others to take the plunge with me.  Heck, one of my best friends is expecting in March and she is already buying cloth diapers online and getting ready to cloth-diaper her little girl!   Props Steph!

  • MONEY! 1 of 10
    Money! Cost! Savings. That was my biggest switching factor. With more than one child in diapers, it becomes simply unaffordable to use disposable.
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  • Mother Earth 2 of 10
    Mother Earth
    If I said that the environment wasn't a factor, I would be lying. While I am using more water and energy with the additional loads of laundry ... do you know how long it takes a diaper to break down in a landfill?
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  • Fashion 3 of 10
    They are cute! I mean, no other diaper looks like it belongs with an outfit, or like you are going to a fashion show. They are simply adorable!
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  • Running Out… 4 of 10
    Running Out...
    Running out doesn't mean leaving the house at 2am with a screaming baby that needs to be changed. I always keep a clean backup diaper just incase I am backed up on diapers.
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  • Less Diaper Rash 5 of 10
    Less Diaper Rash
    While I love the diaper rash creams we have used in my house, I am thankful we haven't had a single diaper rash in our house since we started cloth diapering, as most report.
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  • They Last! 6 of 10
    They Last!
    You can use them with more than one child, and for anyone who plans to have more children in the future, this is a huge selling point! One investment for multiple kids!
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  • These aren’t your Moms! 7 of 10
    These aren't your Moms!
    No more pins! These aren't your moms cloth diapers! The vast majority have velcro or snaps now, making them soooo much easier to use. At least my mom thinks so!
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  • Comfort! 8 of 10
    Don't these look far more comfortable than wearing a plastic disposable diaper around? I know if I had a choice I would go with the fleece over plastic!
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  • Ease! 9 of 10
    They are WAY easier than most people think! There are tons of types, and styles, but once you know what you want, and start using them... they are super simple!
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  • Potty Training 10 of 10
    Potty Training
    Word on the street is kids who are cloth diapered are much easier to potty train. I am not 100% sold on it yet, but after what I went through potty training my oldest, I would LOVE to believe this!
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