10 Ridiculous & Adorable 4th of July Babies

A little birdie told me that y’all have a holiday today. One that is at once patriotic; commemorating the Declaration of Independence.

A day similar to my Canada Day (many truths and historical facts of such that I shan’t get all ravenous about here, today – because there is a time and a place. Of that I firmly believe).

My offering is simple. It comes from a peaceful place of love and looking forward to a bright future. For you my Americano friends, admirers of babies and those who love zee babies.

Especially the ridiculous and cute kind. Behold, in all of the star-spangled decked out glory of the red white and blue, babies who rock the 4th of July…

  • Patriotic Niblets 1 of 10
    Patriotic Niblets
    I like how they are beautifully flawed. Perfectionism is over-rated.
    Photo Credit: Point Shoot & Click (Tumblr)
  • Starship Mother-Load 2 of 10
    Starship Mother-Load
    This baby is adorable…the dress, the flags? Overboard. But this, of course is my own personal opinion and the baby's cuteness far outweighs this opinion.
    TPhoto Credit: Baby Centre
  • Ruffle Butt Ahoy 3 of 10
    Ruffle Butt Ahoy
    I will say this and find this sort of ruffle bloomer sweetness any chance I can get. Because, obviously.
    Photo Credit: Bloomin' In Bloomers on Etsy
  • My Kind of Cute 4 of 10
    My Kind of Cute
    Not too over-the-top, charming and sweet with vintage appeal.
    Photo Credit & DIY Tute (for those adorable suspenders): Craft
  • The Bow That Lives 5 of 10
    The Bow That Lives
    At least I think it must, right? You could put a bird on this. Heck, even a rooster. Or is one already there? Ether way, it's definitely flashy and most definitely ridiculously adorable.
    Photo Credit: Lady & The Blog
  • Outfit Need Not Apply 6 of 10
    Outfit Need Not Apply
    Because really. This is how most babies end up at an outdoor summer party, right? Nekkid, dirty and dosing out on watermelon. Unless their parent is OCD, or some other form of anal tendency that prohibits natural, messy fun.
    Photo Credit: Lowbrow Customs Blog
  • Baby America 7 of 10
    Baby America
    Sweet little friends. However, I'm not down with the popped collar. Just saying.
    Photo Credit: The Crofoot Family
  • Take Me To Thy Mother-Ship 8 of 10
    Take Me To Thy Mother-Ship
    Now this. This is my kind of prop. Baby is awesome.
    Photo Credit: Baby Centre
  • Beach Beauty 9 of 10
    Beach Beauty
    I'm a sucker for any baby on the beach shots. I live near the water. I love the water. Beautiful picture.
    Photo Credit: She Knows
  • Dude Knows 10 of 10
    Dude Knows
    This little guy knows what life is all about. Head: watermelon, nom.
    Photo Credit: Crazy Website

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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