10 Simple Steal-Worthy Ideas For Your Nursery

Looking to spruce up the nursery? Maybe you are looking to re-vamp, are adding another little one to the mix, or  you just need a change. Whatever the reason may be, take a look at some of my favorite easy and simple ways to decorate. My favorite things consist of budget-friendly ideas (because I have 5 littles) or DIY projects I can do at home. It’s easy to find things around your own home to give new life to in another room! Or make the most of that small blank wall. You will be surprised to find that the smallest details or little touches make the biggest impact in the nursery. Simple design elements can really make any room pop!

  • Decorate the Mirror 1 of 10
    Place a banner personalized with your little ones name or an adorable bunting shown off to dress-up your mirror and add a little detail to the space.
    Image via Project Nursery
  • Exposed Closet 2 of 10
    In my own home I created an exposed closet on the smallest wall. I used a bookshelf from IKEA as a bench so that it could be used for not just storage but a place to sit too! I used a curtain rod to hang pretty dresses and little touches like graphic prints above, pretty shoe boxes below and Annette Tatum pillows.
    Image via cupcakeMAG Littles
  • Stuffed Animal Storage 3 of 10
    As you probably already know, you will soon have tons of "lovies". Get crafty by creating the perfect door storage so you can display them!
    Image via Small Shop Studio
  • Holiday Lights 4 of 10
    Don't put those holiday strand of lights away just yet. Hang them in the nursery! They make a pretty nightlight.
    Image via House of Philia
  • Wallpaper 5 of 10
    Dress up one wall with temporary {yes, peel and stick!} wallpaper that is super-easy to use. Create a focal point by hanging your favorite pretties or unique finds on the wall to make it stand out in the space. It's an easy way to create a pretty focal point in the room.
    Image via On to Baby
  • Decorate with Maps 6 of 10
    For those on a budget, this is such a great way to decorate the nursery or create wall art. It's so simple too! Just grab a few maps {which you can find online super-inexpensive} and frame them!
    Image via Small Shop Studio
  • Pops of Color 7 of 10
    While you may want to focus on one color over all - create splashes of color throughout the room to make it really pop. Displaying wall art in similar colors look pretty with the polka dot wall!
    Image via Oh Joy!
  • Hang Curtains High 8 of 10
    Hang those curtains way above the window! This makes your space look larger than it really is and it's such an easy, no cost way to make a big difference in any room.
    Image via Design Crisis
  • DIY Storage 9 of 10
    Create a pegboard that you can customize above the changing table. Add wire baskets to store diapers! How cute?
    Image via White and Gold Design
  • Mix and Match, It’s Okay 10 of 10
    You don't need an overall theme. {Think: Disney Character Crib in A Bag type theme} It is okay to mix and match all of your favorite things into one space to create an ecletic and happy space. Choosing something different like a zebra rug was a great idea! After all, babies love looking at black and white!
    Image via Design Crisis


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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