10 Snarky Responses To People Who Bug Moms For Nursing In Public

I’ve been breastfeeding my daughter for 9 months now and I breastfed my son for 12. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to nurse in public and I’ve done it everywhere from restaurants to museums to a meeting with the governor of my state. I’ve never received any negative comments about my public nursing. Possibly because I live in an area where people are accepting of public baby feeding of all sorts. Or maybe because I have a bitch-face and no one wants to mess with me. Either way, I’ve been left to feed my babies in peace.

Despite this, whenever I set up to nurse in public I gather my thoughts to prepare a response in the even that someone says something to me. If over confronted, I would probably be polite and tell the person that public breastfeeding is allowed in my area then look at my phone or something so I could stop talking to them. But I would really want to say something all smart-assed and snarky. Something that would really illuminate how silly objections to a mom feeding her baby really are. I’d never do it but I’d want to.

Click through to read 10 snarky answers I’ve dreamed of saying to someone who tried to get me to stop nursing in public!

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    Ever wanted a quick comeback for someone who complained about nursing in pubic? Click on through for ideas!
  • Cover Up 2 of 11
    Hand them a blanket. Instruct them to put it over their head.
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  • Lookie Loo 3 of 11
    Politely direct them to the nearest bathroom and tell them to sit there until you're done.
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  • Diversionary Tactics 4 of 11
    Say "Oh my god! Look over there!" When they turn away, say "Keep looking over there. Now you can't see me nursing. Winning!"
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  • Wailer 5 of 11
    Scream like your baby would if you stopped feeding him right then. Pause briefly to explain what you're doing. Resume screaming.
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  • Silent Treatment 6 of 11
    Blink at them three times. Turn your attention elsewhere. Refuse to as knowledge them again.
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  • Freak Out 7 of 11
    Say "Oh my god. Why are you staring at my boobs? Do I need to call security? I'm trying to nurse here. Stop harassing me."
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  • Change the Subject 8 of 11
    Respond with a total non-sequitur like "I've always thought the Redskins is a totally racist name for a football team. I think the league should make them change it."
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  • Call The Law 9 of 11
    Hand them a printout of local breastfeeding protections. Suggest they take it up with the governor if thy don't like it.
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  • Shut It Down 10 of 11
    Sigh deeply and say "Yeah, I don't actually care what you think."
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  • Show Me The Money 11 of 11
    Tell them that if they'd prefer you bottle feed, they're free to run to the store, purchase bottles and formula on their own dime, and bring it back to you. but you prefer feeding you baby for free and with no extra gear.
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