The 10 Super Powers of Moms

Moms Have Super Powers
Moms have super powers.

After 4 kids, I can in no way say that I know what I am doing. Life happens which means, I fall on my face day in and day out. You would think that after having so many kids, that this mom thing would come naturally. Nope, not really.

While I may not know all the answers in regards to being a parent, I have become more and more convinced that moms well — that moms are superheroes.  It’s like we have these secret super powers that we didn’t have before becoming a mom.

Are you a Mommy Superhero?  Do you display any of these super powers?

10 Super Powers That Moms Have:

  • Mommy Insomnia 1 of 10
    Mommy Insomnia
    Moms have the super power ability to go days, sometimes weeks without sleep!
  • Supersonic Hearing 2 of 10
    Supersonic Hearing
    Have you ever heard something that no one else hears but you know something happened in regards to your child? Last weekend I ran from downstairs in our bedroom to the living room where the baby was on the floor. One of our kids had put him on the couch and he fell off.  I had heard a thud from numerous feet away with my superhero supersonic hearing.
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  • Power Sensing/Telepathy 3 of 10
    Power Sensing/Telepathy
    Telepathic, as in psychic? Yes, well kind of. How many times have you just known your baby was about to have a dirty diaper? How many times have you just known your baby would get sick a few minutes after dropping him off at the church daycare? I consider this a superpower.
  • Shapeshifting 4 of 10
    Wikipedia defines this as a hero who can manipulate his/her own body to suit his/her needs. Look at a pregnant photo of yourself. Think of what your lady parts went through. That folks, is shapeshifting at its finest.
  • Energy Superstar 5 of 10
    Energy Superstar
    As tired as you may feel, there is a reason for that mom. You have energy superpowers that the normal Jane just doesn't have. Think of all that you've done today. Do I really have to say more?
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  • Sonic Scream 6 of 10
    Sonic Scream
    While this superpower doesn't reveal itself typically until a baby is 18 months and into EVERYTHING, don't worry you have it.
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  • Superhuman Tracking 7 of 10
    Superhuman Tracking
    Your baby is playing in the baby play area at the mall with 50 other kids. Your superhuman tracking will keep your eyes on your baby regardless of how many germy kids are there.
  • Time Travel 8 of 10
    Time Travel
    Unfortunately, this time travel thing only works one way - forward. Have you noticed how fast time FLIES now that you are a mom? Superhero... just sayin'!
  • Master Multitasker 9 of 10
    Master Multitasker
    You have the superpower of master multi-tasking. Not everyone has the ability to feed a baby, type an email and answer a phone call all at the same time.
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  • Empathy 10 of 10
    You know exactly how to sense/read the emotions of your baby. You know he's not feeling well because he's cutting teether. Or maybe he's acting funny because you know he's constipated. Oh the things we know and are empathetic to as a superhero mom.

Own it Mom, you are a Superhero.


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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