10 Things About Baby Only A Mom Can Appreciate

Baby girl

Unless you were born without a soul, the sight of a baby, any baby, smiling is enough to warm the cockles of your heart. And let’s not forget the mighty power of a baby’s laugh. No matter what cold, dark mood I may be in, the sound of a baby laughing at something as simple as paper being ripped is enough to make me believe in the beauty of the world again.

But sometimes it’s what babies don’t do that moms most appreciate. Read on after the jump for the full list of things about babies only parents can appreciate . . .

Tell me in the comments: What does your baby do/don’t do that only YOU can appreciate?

  • She didn’t wake up during the movie 1 of 10
    She didn't wake up during the movie
    Yes, I realize she appeared to be in a sleep so deep that nothing short of the end of days could stir her. However, in the past she has slept through rock concerts only to be woken up at other times by a fart in an otherwise silent hemisphere. So you never know. But I do. And it was a-mazing.
  • She didn’t crap in the tub 2 of 10
    She didn't crap in the tub
    You're thinking that's probably status quo, right? I mean, otherwise it's akin to bathing in a toilet. Well, it's not and, you're right, it is. So, please, take my word for it — my daughter not taking a dump while being lathered up was brilliant.
  • She didn’t spit up on you 3 of 10
    She didn't spit up on you
    What can I say? You totally lucked out. Unless, of course, you would have enjoyed wearing my regurgitated breast milk on your lovely black cashmere sweater for the rest of the day. Like the unpredictability of a volcano, so, too, is the spit up of my baby.
  • She didn’t wail on the airplane 4 of 10
    She didn't wail on the airplane
    I'd like to take credit for the fact that she wasn't hysterical during takeoff, landing, or anytime in between. But really, instead I'll give Benadryl a standing ovation. And you should, too.
  • Her diaper explosion didnt leak through her pants while she was sitting on your couch 5 of 10
    Her diaper explosion didnt leak through her pants while she was sitting on your couch
    There's not much more to it, other than: You're welcome.
  • She didnt have a nuclear meltdown when you picked her up 6 of 10
    She didnt have a nuclear meltdown when you picked her up
    Yes, I know she was smiling before you picked her up. But what you don't realize is often the difference between a smile and her bursting into tears can often be simply: No special reason + .0004 seconds.
  • She’s asleep 7 of 10
    She's asleep
    We all do it, right? It sounds so simple: sleep. However, I'd argue most do it more than she does. And when she does it in stretches longer than, say, 20 minutes, it's as if the clouds have risen and the angels are singing. Feel free to join in the sing-a-long (but, you know, quietly).
  • She ate 8 of 10
    She ate
    Everyone eats. Or, at least, everyone should eat. You know, if they want to grow. I often wonder about my daughter. But you saw her eat like she does it all the time. Maybe you should come over more often.
  • She burped 9 of 10
    She burped
    That's what babies do, right? They burp. But sometimes they don't. And when they don't, they can be in pain. And when they hurt, we all hurt.
  • That smile 10 of 10
    That smile
    Yes, everyone can absolutely appreciate a baby's smile. But there's no way it tickles everyone's toes and straight on up to their nose like it does a mom. Because you're the mom. And the meaning of that sweet expression on her face — the way she opens her mouth and turns up the corner of her lips — with all of the deep and poignant things contained therein, can only mean as much as it does to the person who sees the same face even when it isn't smiling.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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