10 Things Considered "Me Time" Since Having a Baby

10 things considered "me time" now that I had a babyBack when I was a young professional and before I had children, I would work a grueling +70 hour work week, and then spend the entire weekend relaxing and pampering myself from head to toe. I worked hard, and I deserved to be rewarded. Right?

Weekly trips to the mall, fantastic dinners out and late night drinks with friends. I went to the best salon in town, getting my hair cut and highlighted on a 8 week schedule. Bi-weekly pedicures were the norm, and I didn’t think twice about splurging on massages and facials.

High maintenance? Probably. But I wanted it, I could afford it, and I had time on my hands to enjoy it.

Unfortunately, that girl is long gone. She’s been replaces with a tired housewife who slaves away, taking care of 4 unintentionally hilarious and high maintenance children. “Me time” still happens, it just looks a whole lot more pathetic.

10 things that I consider “me time,” now that I have kids:

  • Going to the Gynecologist. 1 of 10
    Going to the Gynecologist.
    I mean, how could this not be considered "me time"? Laying around with my pants off, reading gossip magazines. A perfect way to kill an hour or two by myself.
  • Picking up a prescription. 2 of 10
    Picking up a prescription.
    I typically try to avoid taking the baby to pick up meds, only because I feel the pharmacy is crawling with sick people germs. It's definitely a "Me Time" activity.
  • Getting my eyes dilated. 3 of 10
    Getting my eyes dilated.
    Going to the Optometrist and getting my eyes dilated is nothing but peaceful and quiet alone time. A dark room to relax in, a doctor that is always running late (giving me ample time to fall asleep in the chair), and beautiful blurred vision as a parting gift.
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  • Getting the oil changed in the car. 4 of 10
    Getting the oil changed in the car.
    Granted, I often do this with children in tow, but getting the car's oil changed in is the perfect opportunity to sit in a dirty waiting room, watch a bit of Jerry Springer, and drink a cup of stale "free to customers" coffee.
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  • Don’t smile for the camera! 5 of 10
    Don't smile for the camera!
    No better place to relax than visiting the ole' Department of Motor Vehicles to renew my drivers license. That place will leave you relaxed and refreshed.
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  • Washing the dishes. 6 of 10
    Washing the dishes.
    Funny how this works, but if I ever need some alone time, all I have to do is wash the dishes. Surprisingly, nobody ever bothers me.
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  • Sick in bed. 7 of 10
    Sick in bed.
    How did my body know I was just dying to log some extra hours in bed? Just me, my barf bucket, and a bottle of Pepto-bismol. Sweet, sweet, "me time" for hours, sometimes even days.
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  • Church service. 8 of 10
    Church service.
    I know many kids can sit through a church service just fine. My kids excluded. I send my wild crew to the nursery. One amazing hour of "me time" a week, sitting on a hard bench with nobody crawling on me or asking for a snack. Almost heavenly.
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  • A 10 minute shower. 9 of 10
    A 10 minute shower.
    Pathetically, I shower about every 2-3 days. I hook the kids up with a screen, and put the baby down for a nap.
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  • Going to therapy. 10 of 10
    Going to therapy.
    Yes, in my world, getting a babysitter and going to my therapist is now considered "me time". While I'm not complaining, I still would honestly rather trade that hour spent talking with a pedicure.
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Granted, so many of these things on the list I’ve done with my children in tow. But as a general rule of thumb, I’d rather do them alone. And the truth is sad. I truly do look forward to doctor’s appointments, just to be alone.

How about you? What things do you now do that you consider “me time,” now that you’ve become a parent?

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