10 Things I Miss About Being Pregnant…Seriously!

The other day while I was at the grocery store, a woman with the cutest, little basketball belly walked by me pushing a cart down the cereal aisle. As she passed by I couldn’t help but feel a little twinge of longing…a feeling of missing being pregnant. Now, don’t get me wrong. I do not plan on getting pregnant tomorrow or anything crazy like that, but for a minute I stopped to think about all the little things I enjoyed about pregnancy and all the little things that I miss now that I’m not pregnant. I decided to compile a list and I’m curious to see if any of you can relate to any of these or if there’s anything else that you miss about being pregnant as well!

  • 1. Having an excuse to indulge my cravings 1 of 10
    1. Having an excuse to indulge my cravings
    Yes, I do realize that pregnancy is not an excuse for eating treats and indulging, but honestly what pregnant woman doesn't indulge a little? You're already gaining a bunch of weight...what's a couple more ice cream induced pounds in the big scheme of things?
  • 2. The massages 2 of 10
    2. The massages
    My husband isn't much for giving massages (truth be told, he's not actually very good at it), but during pregnancy he was a trooper about massaging all my aches and pains when I needed him to. *Please note my massages didn't look anything like the woman's in this photo, but if I'd had some tropical flowers...
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  • 3. Having a ‘get out of cooking free’ card 3 of 10
    3. Having a 'get out of cooking free' card
    It's not that I hate cooking, but sometimes...I kind of hate cooking. Coming home at the end of a long day when you've both worked 10 hours and you're looking at each other trying to negotiate who has to cook dinner is never fun, but the pregnancy card always trumped all and I got out of cooking more often than not.
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  • 4. The belly 4 of 10
    4. The belly
    I know, I thought I'd never miss it, but sometimes I actually miss a that little bitty baby squirming in my belly and the back and forth banter of rubbing my belly and having her respond.
  • 5. Easy baby care 5 of 10
    5. Easy baby care
    Taking care of a baby in your belly is a lot easier than caring for a baby on the other side. When you're pregnant and the baby is hungry all you have to do is eat a sandwich. When your baby is out in the world and she's hungry you have to nurse, pump, bottle feed, cook...sometimes all of the above! Also, babies in utero are much quieter...just saying.
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  • 6. Being doted on 6 of 10
    6. Being doted on
    As much as it annoyed me when I was pregnant for people to treat me like I had some type of handicap (Hello! Pregnancy is not a disability people!), I sort of miss being doted on now that I'm not pregnant. All the instances of "No, no! Don't get up! I'll go get your lunch!" and opening of doors doesn't happen quite as often these days, though I will say people are pretty accommodating when you have a real-life-human-baby too.
  • 7. My midwives 7 of 10
    7. My midwives
    After all of our months spent together checking up on the baby and talking about my hopes and fears for having a child, I really grew to love the wonderful women that helped bring my little girl into the world. Their mama wisdom and gentle spirits were so encouraging to me throughout my pregnancy, that I kind of wish they were doctors too so I would have an excuse to see them still. Oh well, guess I'll just have to have another baby.
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  • 8. The beauty benefits 8 of 10
    8. The beauty benefits
    During pregnancy my hair and skin were awesome. Thick, shiny hair and flawless (*relatively), glowy skin made up for the fact that I could never find anything to wear. Now my skin is dry, I have bags under my eyes and my hair is falling out. Not cool.
  • 9. The excitement of the unknown 9 of 10
    9. The excitement of the unknown
    Even though there were moments when it freaked me out to think about giving birth and taking care of a baby, it was really exciting as well. The anticipation of not knowing what was ahead was kind of fun and something I'll never get to experience in quite the same way again.
  • 10. Being part of the miracle of life 10 of 10
    10. Being part of the miracle of life
    Knowing that you are responsible to growing and caring for a little baby and that you alone have what this baby needs is a pretty cool feeling. Reading about the week-by-week changes (What? You're growing fingernails Baby?!) and just stopping to think about how cool the entire design of birth is and the fact that I was going to get to be a part of it? Super cool.

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