10 Things I Really Do While Nursing

Before she fought back while eating!

I remember a time in the distant past when Addison would just lay down, relax, and nurse… No punching, hitting, nose honking, scratching, sticking her hands in my mouth, pulling my hair… just simple relaxing mommy and her time.

Well, until mommy got painfully bored and started other projects like writing blog posts, playing angry birds, or enjoying a cup of coffee.

You know I am not the only one out there! I have bad ADD so if I am not doing something, even while she was nursing… I would start to go crazy. I can’t be the only one right?

I was talking to a friend the other day, and she confessed her list of things she enjoys during her nursing time, because she looks at it as quiet time.  Ahhh! So I am not the only one out there guilty of the crime of multitasking!

I want to know moms! What else do you do while you are nursing, because I am actually prepared for some pretty hysterical answers, because I know my list,  which I actually limited to 10, is pretty funny!

  • Check My E-mail 1 of 10
    Check My E-mail
    You know you have done it too! Sometimes your inbox just has 300 e-mails and is calling your name. This is a great time to utilize the delete button!
  • Blog 2 of 10
    Yup! I blog while nursing... any time that is quiet and I can be productive, I go for it... Quiet in my house is rare.
  • Read the Tabloids 3 of 10
    Read the Tabloids
    Yup, guilty as charged... I am a sucker for a Star magazine and a catchy headline, especially if there is a Kardashian involved!
  • Play Angry Birds 4 of 10
    Play Angry Birds
    Oh come on... you know us adults are way more addicted to this one than the kids are!
  • Drink Coffee 5 of 10
    Drink Coffee
    Because after the third kid was born... I finally had to break down and pick it up. Or I don't think I would have survived this long.
  • Stuff Diapers 6 of 10
    Stuff Diapers
    If you are familiar with cloth diapering at all, you know stuffing diapers is just part of the process... I would rather pre-stuff them then do it every diaper change!
  • Play Words with Friends 7 of 10
    Play Words with Friends
    I need to keep my brain functioning somehow other than blogging. Seriously though, I feel like nursing kills my brain cells!
  • Go to the Bathroom 8 of 10
    Go to the Bathroom
    No seriously... I bet there are more than one of you laughing hysterically at this one, because we have all been there! Sometimes when you gotta go... You just gotta go! Nursing or not!
  • Eat Lunch 9 of 10
    Eat Lunch
    If she gets to eat... I should be able to also! I can't tell you how many times I sneak in a snack while nursing, only about half the time Addie doesn't end up with some kind of crumbs on her!
  • Online Shopping… 10 of 10
    Online Shopping...
    This will be the end of me too, especially Zulily! Oh especially since they have an iPhone app too! SAVE ME!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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