10 Things I Shove In My Diaper Bag

Over the years, I’ve gone through quite a few different diaper bags. Small ones, big ones, fancy ones, plain ones. I’ve even used diaper bags that aren’t really diaper bags at all to schlep around all the stuff a baby requires. But time and time again, one thing remains the same: no matter what size or shape the bag is, I’ll fill it to the brim.

Currently, I’m toting around my most lovely and luxurious diaper bag to-date, a TY Lucas Amore Tote.

I love this bag, and I see it as a real investment piece. I’m sure I’ll still be grabbing for it long after the “diaper” phase is over. It’s super durable, super chic looking, can can fit all the gear I would ever dream of lugging with me.

Since I’m always curious what other moms carry around in their bag, I thought it would be fun to dump mine out and show you what we tote around with us every day.

10 Things I would never leave home without:

  • So Much Stuff! 1 of 11
    So Much Stuff!
    I carry a big bag, because I tote around tons of essential baby wrangling gear.
  • Bags and Boo Boo’s. 2 of 11
    Bags and Boo Boo's.
    Having 4 kids and being accident prone myself, I always carry around with me a little container stocked full of fun little bandages. I also never leave home without a few of my favorite reusable grocery bags from flip & tumble.
  • Sun Protection. 3 of 11
    Sun Protection.
    Now that it's hot and sunny outside, I never leave home without sunscreen. My new found favorite is this mineral sunscreen from Dolphin Organics.
  • Swaddle and Shield. 4 of 11
    Swaddle and Shield.
    I always carry a lightweight swaddler with me while on the go. I use to shield baby from the sun, as well as a cover-up for when I breastfeeding in public. My favorite swaddlers are from aden + anais.
  • Excuse you! 5 of 11
    Excuse you!
    Yes, my baby spits up all the time. I would be lost without my collection of burp clothes. When we're out and about, I make sure to have a cute Sew Brookstone burp cloth in the bag.
  • Sling and Go. 6 of 11
    Sling and Go.
    Leaving the house with four kids requires proper transportation and planning. Paul typically ends up in this ring sling by Maya Wrap. I actually found this sling at a garage sale for only $3. How cool is that?
  • Squeeky Teeth. 7 of 11
    Squeeky Teeth.
    Paul has just cracked the surface (no pun intended) when it comes to teething. I recently splurged and bought him a Sophie Giraffe to nom on while we run errands.
  • My stuff, all in one place. 8 of 11
    My stuff, all in one place.
    So my stuff doesn't end up swimming in the bottom of the bag, I store all my gear in this cute little tote I bought at a craft fair. Everything from lip gloss, hair ties, and ear buds (for the gym) make it into this cute little upcycled clutch.
  • The bribe bag. 9 of 11
    The bribe bag.
    Confession, I sometimes bribe my kids with treats when I have to take them to the doctor or other places they dislike. As a sweet reward for being good, I let them take a dip in this pink little bag by Allisa Jacobs.
  • Cash money. 10 of 11
    Cash money.
    It's true, you just can't leave home without your wallet. I got this amazing Hobo wallet as a gift about 5 years ago, and I absolutely love how it just gets better with age.
  • The wet and dirty bag. 11 of 11
    The wet and dirty bag.
    I always carry around a wet bag to store a fresh change of wardrobe for Paul, and all the diaper changing necessities: cloth diaper, onesie, and wipes. My favorite wet bag is from Funktion.

So what’s in your bag? Also, what am I missing?

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