10 Things I Will Miss About The Baby Stage

It’s becoming more and more clear to me everyday that Avery is not my baby anymore.

This morning she grabbed one of Harlan’s headbands from their room and put it on her head. She immediately rushed over to Harlan yelling, “Harlan look!” while pointing to her head. She wanted to show off that she was wearing a headband just like her big sister does.

Although there are so many things that I love about toddlerhood, there is also so much to miss about the baby stage. It goes by so quickly and if you don’t savor every moment of it, it will pass you with the blink of an eye. I’m going to miss all of the little things that my little baby Avery used to do.

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  • Constant Cuddles 2 of 11

    When Avery was a baby she would let me cuddle her all the time. She's always on the move now and rarely cuddles. I miss it terribly. 

  • Sleepy Smiles 3 of 11

    It might have been the gas or just a sweet dream, but I miss those sweet little smiles she used to do when she was asleep. 

  • Putting Her Down in One Place Knowing She Will Stay There 4 of 11

    Babies on the move is great, but putting them down in one spot, grabbing a drink, and coming back to find them in that exact same spot is pretty great too. Avery is always running around now and is rarely in the same spot for more than a couple of minutes. 

  • Going Out is so Much Easier 5 of 11

    I used to be so nervous to take Avery out as a baby. Little did I realize, those were actually the easy days. Now that she's older she doesn't want to sit in her stroller and when she does I have to find a way to entertain her the entire time we are out. 

  • Her Constant Need For me 6 of 11

    Avery relied on me for everything when she was a baby. Now that she isn't breastfeeding and has gained some independence, she only comes to me when she wants me to get something for her. She no longer needs me at all hours of the day. It's hard to let go of that. 

  • The Ability to Fall Asleep Nearly Anywhere 7 of 11

    Oh how I miss the days when she could literally fall asleep anywhere and everywhere. Avery loves her crib and would rather sleep there than sleep anywhere else. It makes taking trips outside of our apartment very tough (and cranky.) 

  • Not Being Able to Tell me no 8 of 11

    See that hat? Last year she let me put it on her with no problem. This year as soon as I put a hat on her she shakes her head no and then takes it off. I miss the days when I could make all of the decisions without any hesitation or resistance from her. 

  • The Funny Faces 9 of 11

    Avery used to make the funniest faces for no reason at all. Now she just makes funny faces because we tell her too. They are still very cute though! 

  • Breastfeeding 10 of 11

    Avery self weaned at 12 months. I didn't realize how much I would miss breastfeed, but I really do. It was such a great bonding time for both of us. 

  • Being Amused by Nearly Anything 11 of 11

    Babies can be entertained by anything and everything. Just walking around the city would be entertainment enough for Avery. Now she needs more in order for her to keep her attention. It's not as easy as it used to be.

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