10 Things I'm Glad I Had On Vacation

Baby sunglasses are both adorable AND useful!

After looking forward to it for months and months, sadly our vacation has come to an end.  A lot of people thought we were nuts to take a four month old baby to Hawaii by ourselves, but I think it was a great age for travel.  Cullen’s needs were pretty minimal, and I did a lot to prepare ahead of time in order to make our trip a little easier.

Each time we travel or do something new, I learn a few lessons about what I would do the next time.  Here are the ten things I’m so glad I had on vacation…

  • A crib sheet from home 1 of 10
    A crib sheet from home
    This was one of the last things I tossed in my bag, and I just had a feeling that we might need it. When the hotel staff rolled in this scary old crib, I was so glad I had brought my own sheet. They had simply wrapped a bedsheet around the matress - not tight or secure at all. Ours worked much better!
  • My Boppy pillow for nursing 2 of 10
    My Boppy pillow for nursing
    I know these can be big and bulky to travel with, but I find it to be invaluable to have when I'm away from home. Nursing without one gives me a horrible backache, since my giant baby is close to 17 pounds now. It's also nice to have on the airplane so the baby can bounce or sit on something cushy and soft!
  • Extra blankets 3 of 10
    Extra blankets
    We took three blankets on our trip, which seemed excessive at first, but they were all used round the clock! I used them as playmats on the hotel room floor, laid them over the stroller to shield the sun, and to cover up little legs on the cold airplane. You can never have too many!
  • Baby soap and shampoo 4 of 10
    Baby soap and shampoo
    This was something I thought of at the very last minute, and I'm so glad I brought it! You know how great it feels after a long day at the pool or beach, when you finally take a shower and wash off all the sunscreen and sand? Well babies need to wash all that gunk off too! We gave Cullen a bath every other day in Hawaii, and I'm glad I had his baby soap so his skin didn't get irritated from using mine.
  • An infant raft or floatie 5 of 10
    An infant raft or floatie
    My husband laughed when I bought this, but it turned out to be a huge hit! It folded up small and packed easily, and I was glad we had something for Cullen in the water, besides just carrying him the whole time. He liked floating in it and being able to splash and see our faces. It was much easier to get something ahead of time than to try to find something on the island once we were there.
  • My video monitor 6 of 10
    My video monitor
    Yep, I'm the crazy person that took a video monitor on vacation. We got a 1-bedroom suite at our resort so that we were able to have Cullen sleep in the bedroom while we enjoyed our evenings cooking, watching movies, and talking. Having the monitor allowed us to relax and know he was fine. It also reassured me to have the breathing pad since he was in a crib that didn't look very safe.
  • Our jogging stroller 7 of 10
    Our jogging stroller
    For many families, taking the stroller on vacation is probably a no-brainer, but this was actually our first time using it! Up until now we have used the carseat attachment, which Cullen HATES, so stroller trips have been very limited. Now that he's in the seat, it's going much better, and it was so nice to have a shady place for him to sit when we were out in the bright hot sun.
  • Baby sunglasses 8 of 10
    Baby sunglasses
    These were probably half fashion, half function, and 100% adorable. Our little guy is used to sun-less Seattle, so I knew the bright sun of Maui would be hard on his eyes. He didn't mind the shades at all, and seemed happy to not have to squint and turn his head as we walked around.
  • A video camera 9 of 10
    A video camera
    I took videos of Cullen every day on vacation, and now that we're home I find myself watching them over and over again. I know we will watch these for years to come. We made so many special memories!
  • A washer and dryer 10 of 10
    A washer and dryer
    Obviously I didn't pack this, but I'm sure glad we had it available. We chose our resort because of amenities like this, and it made a huge difference in our trip. We did at least one load of laundry each day, and it was so nice to be able to wash all of Cullen's dirty things! I can't imagine if we hadn't had it, and we had to pack poopy clothes and used swim diapers - so gross!

Can you add to this list?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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