10 Things My 10 Month Old Can’t Live Without

Two months ago I did a post with all the toys my (then) 8 month old was obsessed with and when I finished, I didn’t think I’d need to update my list very soon, but boy was I wrong. In less than 2 months, my son’s interests have completely changed. Sure, he’ll still sort of play with the toys he used to love, but mostly he’s moved onto bigger, better, and louder things.

I also figured since this week I’ve been discussing the things that I like and use (and don’t use) that it seemed like perhaps it would be good to offer up some of Eli’s preferences as well. And trust me, the boy has preferences.

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    This month's theme: Food and music!
  • Cluck and Learn Barn 2 of 11
    Cluck and Learn Barn
    Eli received this present for Christmas this year and though it has been sitting out since then and though he liked to hit the buttons, it has only just now become a real interest. My husband taught him how to put the balls in the top and now he is obsessed. If you sit him down with the toy and the corresponding balls (we have a myriad of plastic balls in this house), he will play with it for 10 minutes at a time without interruption. It's pretty stinking adorable.
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  • Push Car 3 of 11
    Push Car
    Yet another toy we've had for a while, this one since Chanukah. We've put Eli in it a few times previously and while he enjoyed it, it wasn't a favorite. Now he loves to stand with it and press the buttons and gets a big kick out of riding in it. I love it because it also becomes a push toy as he begins to move towards walking (SNIFF).
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  • Little Crunchies 4 of 11
    Little Crunchies
    I'm not even going to pretend these are a health food and I'm okay with it. He only eats the veggie dip flavor, but he would eat his weight in them if I let him. They're a great practice food because he can hold and take bites, which is a skill that eluded Eli for quite some time. Now that he's gotten good with these, which are basically baby Cheetos, he has gone on to master a number of other foods, cut into the same shape for easy grasping, gnawing and biting.
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  • LeapFrog Learning Table 5 of 11
    LeapFrog Learning Table
    This is one of 2 toys that I listed last time that is still a big hit. And since Eli is now a persistent stander, we put the legs on it and it's like an all new toy. He loves the hippo mouth and the book and will flip them back and forth, all while laughing, over and over.
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  • Baby Einstein’s Musical Toy 6 of 11
    Baby Einstein's Musical Toy
    Eli has had this toy for months and months and we just dug it back out last week and now I would say his love for it borders on obsession. We use it to keep him awake in the car or entertained in his stroller and he will press the button over and over and over and happily listen to the music. I've been known to use it during diaper changes as well because anything to distract the baby from crawling away is awesome in my book.
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  • image-3124 7 of 11
    The story for why Eli's monkey blanket is named Glen is long and silly, but Glen is probably his most essential item. He sleeps with him and uses him for comfort. He was an essential part of the crib transition(s) and Eli loves to snuggle him in the mornings. We bought an extra one and rotate through them so that if anything happens, we always have a back up.
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  • Shape Sorter 8 of 11
    Shape Sorter
    I bought this for Eli last month after his affinity for the toy barn listed earlier became apparent. I thought perhaps he'd get a kick out of putting other shapes in besides the ball, but he more just loves to fill up the bucket and put the lid on. I suppose you could save yourself some money and give tupperware, but he also enjoys the shapes tremendously, even if he's not using them quite as they were intended.
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  • Apple Cinnamon Mish Mash 9 of 11
    Apple Cinnamon Mish Mash
    While Eli's affinity for purees is rapidly declining, this is the one food he is almost always willing to eat. I like it because it's got oats and quinoa in it, so it's one of the few purees Eli will eat that has any protein. We buy ours in bulk which helps save a little money, too.
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  • Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets 10 of 11
    Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets
    Eli has been a blanket baby from the start. And now that he's mobile, one of his very favorite things to do is find any clothes he can and bury his face in them. And since there's almost always a pile of clean laundry somewhere in this house, he has plenty of opportunities. We decided that perhaps he'd like some full sized breathable blankets and these swaddle blankets from A+A have been a hit.
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  • ABC Spinning Toy 11 of 11
    ABC Spinning Toy
    This was another Christmas gift that similarly didn't peak much of his interest until lately. He liked it when we pressed the button and made it spin, but now he loves to press the flashing lights and spin it himself. He hasn't quite figured out how to press the button, but he loves to sit and manually spin the bottom!
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Those are Eli’s must have items, what items could your baby not live without?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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