10 Things My 10 Month Old Loves To Do

It seems like day after day Avery is meeting new milestones. Just yesterday she learned how to stand from the sitting position all on her own. Over the past month, her personality has really started to come out. I love this age because she is still my baby, but showing the signs that toddlerhood is not too far away.

As she becomes older, she is definitely becoming more active and involved in our day to day lives. She wants to be included in everything and is always trying to do something to get your attention. She’s learning new tricks and embracing them. So much so that she will repeat them over and over again. At 10 months, her favorite things are ones that make me laugh, smile, and melt my heart.

  • Stand (And Sometimes Walk) 1 of 10
    Stand (And Sometimes Walk)
    She took her first step on Christmas Day and has finally become confident enough to stand for a long time. Yesterday she learned to stand up from the sitting position rather than have to pull up on something. If she sees her big sister Harlan standing in front of her, she stands right up just like Harlan does.
  • Pretend to Sleep on the Ground 2 of 10
    Pretend to Sleep on the Ground
    I have no idea where she learned this, but she loves to go and lay on the ground as if she is going to sleep. She will even lay her head down on the couch when she is cruising on it. She waits for you to say "awww" before she gets back up. It's all for the show and attention, but it's definitely cute!
  • Give Hugs and Kisses 3 of 10
    Give Hugs and Kisses
    This little girl loves to show affection. Just this month she learned how to give hugs. You ask her for "love" and she will lay her head down on your shoulder and hug you. If you ask her for a kiss she will open her mouth to yours and give you the biggest kiss. The greatest feeling in the world is when she crawls up to you just to give you a hug or a kiss.
  • Make Music and Dance 4 of 10
    Make Music and Dance
    This girl loves music. Any excuse she can find to dance and she will. She bounces up and down and puts her hands in the air. She's become the number one dancer at our nightly dance parties. She also loves to make music. The shaker to her music set gets shaken all the time. Her mini piano is her favorite toy. If there is anything that has to do with music going on in our house, Avery is there.
  • Copy Her Sister 5 of 10
    Copy Her Sister
    One of my favorite things about having two kids is watching their relationship flourish every single day. These girls are stuck together like glue. Avery tries to do whatever Harlan is doing. As soon as Harlan goes into their room, Avery is crawling as quickly as she can behind her. If Harlan is coming up to me for a hug, Avery crawls right behind to do the same thing. She wants to be just like her big sis!
  • Scream 6 of 10
    Avery has officially found her voice. She has so much fun screaming at the top of her lungs so she can hear herself and then laughing hysterically after. If she wants your attention, she knows that all she has to do is let out a good scream and I'm right there to see what she needs.
  • Saying Hi to Everyone She Sees 7 of 10
    Saying Hi to Everyone She Sees
    Avery's new favorite word is "hi." As soon as you walk into the room she looks at you waving her hand and saying hi. She loves to say it to random people on the street as we are walking. Because she is so tiny people don't expect her to say anything and then she busts out a big "hi." It's the funniest thing to see their reaction. I wish everyone would greet me the way that Avery does when I walk into a room because it's sure to put a smile on your face.
  • Playing Peek-a-Boo 8 of 10
    Playing Peek-a-Boo
    Games are all the rage these days with Avery. Peek-a-boo has been a favorite for a while, but Avery is now finding creative ways to play with us. If I am sitting on the couch she will come up and bend down beneath the cushions and then you have to say "where did Avery go?" and she will quickly pop up for you to say "there she is!" and then the laughter begins. Harlan and Avery will play behind the furniture hiding from one another. The laughter that they create with one another will make any bad day so much better.
  • Playing the Drop and Pick Up Game 9 of 10
    Playing the Drop and Pick Up Game
    The game that drives me nuts is currently the one that Avery loves to play. You give her a toy, she throws it on the ground. You pick it up again and give it to her to laugh and then throw it again. I've resorted to only giving her toys that are attached to her stroller when we are out so that she doesn't throw anything on the dirty streets of NYC. She loves playing the game with food, except she doesn't realize that I won't pick the food up off of the floor to give it back to her.
  • Shaking Her Head Yes and No 10 of 10
    Shaking Her Head Yes and No
    Last month she learned to shake her head no and this month she learned to nod her head yes. If you ask her a question, she will answer either with a yes or no. Sometimes she has no idea what you are saying, but will answer with whatever her heart desires. It's so funny to watch. I love asking her if she is ready to eat or ready for bed and she will nod her head yes with her mouth wide open. It is quite possibly the cutest thing she is doing right now.

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