10 Things My 16-Month-Old Loves to Do

It’s so easy to put away the baby book after your baby has stopped reaching all of those first big milestones. Avery accomplished so much during her first year that I started to think to myself, what’s next? She was walking, said her first word, had her first tooth, what more “major millstones” could I expect from her?

As she’s gotten older, I’ve come to realize that it’s not the big milestones that should be our focus, it’s the little ones that come to surprise you the most. Avery turned 16-months-old last week and as she’s approaching a year and a half, she has become such a fun little girl. She is doing so much now, becoming her own little person. She’s so easy to have with and she’s so interactive.

Check out all of the things that she’s accomplished in the last month. Here are 10 things my 16-month-old loves to do.

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  • Point Out Different Body Parts 2 of 11
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    Avery loves to point out parts of her face and tell me what they are. She is constantly pointing at my nose and saying, "nose." She's so proud of herself and I am so proud of her when she goes through each body part on her face and knows all of them.

  • Read a Book 3 of 11
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    She is totally obsessed with books and would rather "read" a book than play with her toys. She picks books from her book shelf and will either read them on her own, bring them to me to read to her, or even bring them to Harlan to read them to her. She loves to listen to a good book.

  • Climb 4 of 11
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    This girl is officially climbing on everything. The other day we were leaving the gym and she ran over to a table and started to climb on top of it. Whatever she thinks she can climb, she going to try and most likely accomplish it.

  • Slide on Her Own 5 of 11
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    This was huge for Avery because she loves the slide. She usually would ride down with her sister, but recently she tried it on her own and did great. The slide is the first thing she goes to when we go to the playground.

  • Run 6 of 11
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    This girl is always on the go. One of her favorite things to do is just run. Not walk, run. She runs every chance she gets and loves to chase Harlan and our dogs around everywhere. 

  • Ride a Scooter 7 of 11
    photo 3

    She recently discovered her sisters scooter and I've had a hard time peeling her away from it since. She just figured out how to ride it. Although she isn't the best. I was very surprised with her balance on the scooter.

  • Smile on Demand 8 of 11
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    I don't know if it's that I am taking photos of her all the time, but I can finally tell her to say cheese and she smiles for the camera. It's glorious.

  • Sit and Play With Her Sister 9 of 11
    photo 4

    This is probably one of my favorite new milestones that she has made. She will sit for an extended period of time and play with her sister. They interact with one another and even try to have conversations together. She loves the time she has with Harlan.

  • Use Utensils to Eat 10 of 11
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    She used to only like to eat with her fingers, but now she insists on eating her meals with utensils. I love that she is so passionate about it. 

  • Give Real Kisses 11 of 11
    photo 5

    This is one of my favorites. Avery has learned how to give real kisses. No more just opening her mouth and putting it towards yours. She puckers up and makes the "muah" sound and all. 

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