10 Things My 7-Month-Old Is Doing

Loving the swings!

Each time we pass a new monthly “birthday,” I think about how many new things Cullen is doing and enjoying that particular month.  It’s amazing how much can change in just 30ish short days.  There are some big things that seem to span multiple months, and other fleeting things that last only a week.

I thought it would be fun to start sharing some of Cullen’s favorite things at each month (and even more fun to look back on many months later!).  Just a few months ago this list would have looked like:  peeing, pooping, eating, staring, white noise, sleeping in the Moby, not sleeping at night, etc.  And I’m sure back at two or three months, this list of his favorite 7-month activities would have blown me away.

Here are ten things Cullen is doing and loving now at seven months old!

  • Baby Swings 1 of 9
    Baby Swings
    Cullen just discovered these this month, and he absolutely loves them. He thinks it's so funny to rush up to mom or dad's face, and then swing all the way back and belly laugh. I can't get enough.
  • Climbing His Crib 2 of 9
    Climbing His Crib
    The joy of standing in the crib has been discovered. This has led to a minor sleep regression, but the novelty seems to be wearing off quickly. Time to order teething rails!
  • Playing UNDER the Jumperoo 3 of 9
    Playing UNDER the Jumperoo
    Talk about a multi-purpose toy! The jumperoo has lost some appeal these days, as crawling and climbing are more fun than bouncing in one place. But the jumperoo has now become something fun to play UNDER and climb. Whatever works!
  • Rocking 4 of 9
    I know it's a bad habit, but we still rock Cullen to sleep 90% of the time. He's getting better at falling asleep on his own, but man does he still love a good chest nap. I hear from other moms who say their babies haven't done this in months, so I'm not complaining or wishing this away. I savor each and every one.
  • Crawling 5 of 9
    All over the place. There is no stopping this guy when he has his eye on an unsupervised glass of water, a forgotten cell phone, or a TV remote.
  • Climbing 6 of 9
    Standing is the new sitting. He climbs on anything and everything, and seems to have no fear. I spend most of my days walking behind him trying to predict and avoid bruises and tears.
  • Dogs 7 of 9
    Cullen is obsessed with our dogs. Pulling tails, trying to climb their legs, and eating them if they are low enough to get a good bite. They have been good sports so far, but mama bear is always watching closely.
  • Eating People Food! 8 of 9
    Eating People Food!
    We are plowing through the fruits and veggies, and Cullen is really starting to embrace this whole "not just breastmilk" thing. So far favorites include bananas, mango, avocado, sweet potatoes, and carrots.
  • Putting In His Own Pacifier 9 of 9
    Putting In His Own Pacifier
    Mr. Independent has to do things his own way now, including constantly putting in and taking out his own pacifier. Fine with me! Makes my job easier, unless he decides to fling it from the crib or the car seat.

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