10 Things That Have Kept Me Sane

Oh dear! Is Mommy losing her mind?

Three children, three years old and under, and the youngest is 2 days shy of three months old. And I am still here, and sane!   Mission accomplished!

But I cannot take all the credit for this, I remember learning I was pregnant and telling my mother to book my white padded room for early June. Cue the heavy sarcasm!

But I have to admit, it hasn’t been as challenging as I thought it was going to be, but I think it is because I have a healthy supply of baby gear that helps me through the day since I am missing a third arm for my third child.

I have always been a huge fan of certain products for new parents, but I think my post today is really geared towards those of us who need to get through a new child joining our already chaotic households.

In turn, I put together the top 10 things that have kept me sane through the first three months, and while I couldn’t include everything and everyone that has kept me sane, I want to give a couple shout out’s to those not included:

My husband, my mother, my baby sitter, and RUM! Just kidding! But seriously, those three have been a world of help, even if they are just around assisting me or making sure my boys don’t set the house on fire while I am trying to bathe Addison. Great team work all around!

So without any further ado… my top 10!

  • 1- Our Swing! 1 of 10
    1- Our Swing!
    We have the Fisher Price Woodland Friends swing, I love it, although I should have opted for a plug in... not battery powered. We officially have stock in batteries!
  • 2- ERGO Baby Carrier 2 of 10
    2- ERGO Baby Carrier
    Addie only likes to be worn in the ERGO. Although they don't suggest wearing them without the heart2heart insert before 4 months old, she hates it, so wrapped in a blanket it is!
  • 3- The Bouncer! 3 of 10
    3- The Bouncer!
    10 minutes of sanity... as the baby chills out, or sleeps for an entire night in this thing. I think it is Addison's favorite place to sleep.
  • 4- Hygeia Breast Pump 4 of 10
    4- Hygeia Breast Pump
    I don't know what I would be doing without it now! I didn't really pump with my older children, and this time around it has enabled me a small amount of freedom without worrying about supplementing which I have no desire to do!
  • 5- BornFree Bottles 5 of 10
    5- BornFree Bottles
    Which clearly go with the pump when we need it...
  • 6- Wine! 6 of 10
    6- Wine!
    Which also goes with the pump and bottles! LOL! I mean, lets face it... most of us mothers need a glass here and there to unwind. No, we aren't drunks or alcoholics, we are adults who enjoy some good vino!
  • 7- iPhone 4 7 of 10
    7- iPhone 4
    I honestly don't know how I parented before this thing existed. Seriously! Do you know how many baby related app's there are? I can tell you it has saved my sanity in the middle of night more than once. Not only that but it keeps me entertained while I am nursing, pumping, or stuck someplace longer than 10 minutes. Can you tell I have serious ADD?
  • 8- Pandora Radio! 8 of 10
    8- Pandora Radio!
    Addie prefers the Today's Country radio, but pacing the floors in the middle of the night is much more pleasant when you basically have music on demand.
  • 9- Her Playmat 9 of 10
    9- Her Playmat
    I actually won the PlaySkool Gloworld playmat last year at BlogHer... I think they jinxed me since we weren't planning on having anymore kids. Good thing my package wasn't delivered till 2 weeks before I found out we were expecting and didn't have time to pass it along. It is a lifesaver for tummy time!
  • 10- Mamas and Papas Snug 10 of 10
    10- Mamas and Papas Snug
    I had a Bumbo with my older children, but I am really enjoying the Snug, and so is Addie. We just started using it about 2 weeks ago, but she LOVES it! I think she feels like she is "part of the family" when she is being a big girl and hanging out in it!

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6- The Wine Sisterhood
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