9 Things To Do in NYC With a Baby

I know I’m a bit biased, but I honestly think that New York City is the perfect city to raise a child. I was a bit skeptical of the city when we first moved here with my oldest, Harlan, when she was just nine months old. I was so scared of how she would adjust to a faster paced lifestyle and a smaller living space. I was worried that I wouldn’t find anything for us to do and we would get bored sitting in our apartment all day.

To my surprise (and delight) New York City is an incredibly baby-friendly city. There is never a dull moment and always something to do to keep both of my little girls entertained. We are always out exploring different neighborhoods to make sure that we know about all that this beautiful city has to offer.

If you are planning on taking a trip with your little one and are worried about finding something for them to do to keep them entertained, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite baby-friendly activities in NYC.


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Even at a very young age, both of my girls have loved riding on both buses and subways. There is something magical about the vibration of the subway. It’s almost guaranteed to put one of my children to sleep. Riding on the bus gives them the perfect view of the streets of New York City.


I’ve always loved reading to both of my girls since they were very young. This bookstore is the perfect place to just sit and read books to your little one. It is packed with hundreds and hundreds of children’s books. It also has a cute cafe in the store that is the perfect place to enjoy a sandwich or even a delicious cupcake.


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My absolute favorite place in NYC is Central Park. We go there every weekend and have breakfast outside of the Boathouse. Whether you grab a sandwich and a blanket for a picnic, take a ride on the carousel, or even visit the amusement park, you are sure to find something that your little one will enjoy.


This place is one of the best museums for little ones. They have plenty of exhibits to keep them busy. CMOM is a great place to let your little one dive into their curiosity and have fun.


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Image Source: Thinkstock

This is a great museum for both babies and adults. Although the little ones aren’t old enough to fully understand everything, they will love looking at all of the exhibits. We took Avery to this museum a few months ago and she loved looking at everything around her.


Imagination playground is one of my favorite playgrounds in NYC. It has a slide, water play area, sand pit, and an amphitheater that is perfect for storytelling. It is surrounded by shaded picnic tables that are a great place to rest after a hard day of playing!


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A walk around any neighborhood in the suburbs might be a little boring, but take a walk in the city and never expect a dull moment. After a day inside, my favorite thing to do is put the girls in the stroller and just walk around. We walk down the street and look at store windows, different flowers, and even the local fire station. There is always something going on in the streets of NYC that it makes for a very exciting experience.


New York City has plenty of kids play areas to keep your little ones having fun and entertained indoors. One of my favorites is Kidville. They have an indoor gym that has equipment for the little ones to climb on. Whether you want to keep your little one cool from the hot summer sun or warm from the winter weather, indoor playspaces are the place to be.


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Image Source: Thinkstock

We all know how intrigued babies are with lights. The first time that I took Avery out for a walk at night, her eyes lit up with excitement. She was so intrigued with all of the lights that lit up this beautiful city. Let your little one stay up past their bedtime and take a stroll around the city at night to see all of the lights of the city. Although Times Square is busy, it looks beautiful at night and is full of bright colorful lights.

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