10 Tips For Breastfeeding While Traveling

Breastfeeding while you’re traveling for vacations this summer will probably be work for many new Moms. It might seem like a science while you’re trying to get it down, but it’s actually easy to do. I shared my tips for traveling with baby, but since Grayson is bottle fed, I didn’t think to share past tips I’ve used when breastfeeding my other children during the hot months. Especially when you’re on-the-go! I can thank Joy Kosak, breastfeeding advocate and creator  of innovative breastfeeding-related companies including Simple Wishes and Pumping Essentials for her expert advice and tips that have stuck with me during our travels. Joy co-founded Simple Wishes (with her 3 sisters!) one of my favorite breastfeeding products on the market—a versatile hands-free pumping accessory that really gives busy moms the ability to multitask while breastfeeding. A huge plus in my world!

Whether you are a pro at breastfeeding during your travels or you’re a new Mom, here are a few tips to help make it a little easier on you!

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    Click-through 10 tips to make breastfeeding when traveling a lot easier on you and baby!

  • Maximize Your Rights 2 of 11

    Under the Affordable Care Act, new moms are entitled to a free breast pump and support, but getting from an insurer can be a hassle. Pumping Essentials is an organization that acts as the middle-man between new moms and insurance companies making it hassle-free and easy, for no extra cost. Having a pump will simplify breastfeeding all summer long, especially while traveling.

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  • Buy You Own Water 3 of 11

    Don't wash your equipment in a water fountain or public restroom. Buy some bottles of your own to make sure you are staying as sanitary as possible.

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  • Plan Ahead 4 of 11

    Check with your airline to see if there's somewhere private and clean to pump, or look up rest stops in advance if you're traveling by car. It's best to be prepared when traveling with a baby.

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  • Make It Easy on YOU! 5 of 11

    When you're on the go, pumping needs to be extra convenient, and it can be with the Simple Wishes hands-free pumping bra, which allows you to multitask while pumping. I used this with my other children and it made breastfeeding such a breeze. I always recommend it to every new, breastfeeding Mom.

    Purchase at Simple Wishes for $39

  • Check The Voltage 6 of 11

    Don't forget to make sure you have the correct voltage and adapter for your breast pump if you are traveling overseas.

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  • Pump Extra 7 of 11

    It's better to have more than less! Especially if you're going to be away from your baby, be sure you have extra breast milk on hand. In fact, have enough for the length of your vacation, and then some, just to play it safe.

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  • Store Wisely 8 of 11

    Breast milk can be left at room temperate for up to 10 hours, but be sure to refrigerate or freeze your breast milk after that in a durable storage bag.

    Purchase the Honeysuckle Milk Storage Bags for $10.90 (box of 50)

  • Know The Regulations 9 of 11

    Per TSA, moms flying with and without their child are permitted to bring breast milk in quantities greater than three ounces as long as it is declared for inspection at the security checkpoint. Tell the officers that you have pumped breast milk and they'll lead you through the process. I know, it's sad they have to check breast milk but, as long as you do your research - you're prepared during traveling.

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  • Dress The Part 10 of 11

    Be comfortable and cool.  Avoid the awkward hassle of undressing by wearing a nursing tank which works best when traveling.

    Buy one from Bravado Designs for $49

  • Don’t Feel Bad 11 of 11

    I might not breastfeed Grayson now, but I have breastfed in the past. Always remember that you should never feel apologetic or embarrassed for feeding your baby while you're traveling. Just like a bottle feeding Mom, it's your responsibility and right to feed your child too. Don't let anyone tell you different!

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