10 Unexpected Moments In Your Baby’s First Six Months

Just about every new parent knows to be on the lookout for those big, well-known milestone moments in their baby’s first six months, but there are many less obvious moments that parents often overlook. These moments may not have pre-made pages in the baby books, but they’re just as precious. Here are ten unexpectedly amazing moments to cherish in your baby’s first six months.

When your baby wears clothes that you bought 1 of 10
Parents-to-be buy baby clothes and spend months dreaming of when a squishy baby will fill them out. The moment you finally slip those clothes onto your baby and your dreams become a reality is incredible.
When your baby wears shoes 2 of 10
Baby shoes are unnecessary, of course, but totally adorable. Savor the moment you first slide a pair of tiny shoes onto your newborn’s feet!
When your baby snuggles with your parents 3 of 10
It’s an awe-inspiring moment the first time your parents hold your baby and you realize that they held you the same way all those years ago.
When your friends meet your baby 4 of 10
The best of friends are as close as family. The first time you introduce them to your baby is a joyous occasion to remember.
When you soothe your baby’s tears 5 of 10
You feel like a superhero the first time you’re able to calm your baby and turn his cries into content little coos.
When you know exactly why your baby is crying 6 of 10
The first time you intuitively know if your baby is hungry, tired, or wet is the incredible moment you realize you’ve become an experienced parent.
When your baby eats real food 7 of 10
You’ll want to remember your baby’s expression that first time you spoon a little food into her mouth.
When you realize your baby is mobile 8 of 10
We all celebrate the first time a baby rolls over, but the first time your baby shimmies across a blanket is pretty amazing, too.
When your baby is able to sit up against you 9 of 10
Before a baby is able to sit up by herself comes an amazing moment when she leans against you and looks out at the world like a full-fledged person.
When your baby reacts to music 10 of 10
There’s nothing like the moment your baby first starts bopping and laughing to music!
Article Posted 3 years Ago

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