10 Ways I Spend Alone Time With Each Child

Right before I gave birth to Avery my biggest fear was that I wasn’t going to have time for Harlan anymore. She was no longer going to be an only child or the center of my attention like she was used to. Once Avery was born, she required most of my time, but I still wanted Harlan to know just how much she still meant to me.

It’s not easy finding alone time for each of my girls, but I know how important it is for all three of us so I make sure to make it a priority. Now that Avery is eight months old, I’ve found ways that work best to spend alone time with each girl.

These times that we spend alone together have become ones that I am very fond of and will cherish forever. Being a mom of two girls has made me realize just how special they really are. I’ve discovered things about Harlan that I would have never even noticed when it was just the two of us before Avery was born. Although Avery is too young to realize that I am setting aside time for just her and I, I hope that as she gets older she remembers some of the times that we spent together with just the two of us.

Check out some of the ways that I spend alone time with each one of the girls after the jump! 

  • Slumber Party 1 of 10
    Slumber Party
    Every night Harlan sleeps in her big girl bed, but there are certain nights on the weekend when we go out of our routine and have a slumber party together. We pop popcorn, watch a movie and put blankets down on our living room floor and fall asleep. On some occasions, if my husband is out of town, she gets to sleep in our bed and watch television. We both know it is a privilege and we take advantage of that time. She loves being cuddled when she is asleep and I love to cuddle her.
  • Morning Cuddle Time 2 of 10
    Morning Cuddle Time
    Avery wakes up before Harlan does, so I always make sure to take advantage of that extra 30 minutes to an hour that we get alone with one another. Because Avery is still a little groggy in the morning, she loves to just lay down on me and cuddle. It's one of my favorite times of the day because everyone else is asleep but us and it is a quiet time just loving on one another.
  • Weekend Date Day 3 of 10
    Weekend Date Day
    A few weeks after Avery was born Harlan and I started going out on "dates" with one another. I take one or two days a month to take her to do whatever she wants to do. It's usually Dylan's Candy Bar which isn't too far away from us. No matter what we do together, we always have the best time with one another. We laugh, we tell jokes, and we hold hands. It's something that I look forward to all the time and I know she does too.
  • Strolling in the City 4 of 10
    Strolling in the City
    New York City is one of the perfect cities to just take a walk in. While Harlan is in school, Avery and I will spend some days just walking around the city together. I will walk and talk with her, put down the shade on her stroller and let her look at the big city buildings. It's so much fun to discover new parts of New York City, especially with my little girl.
  • Arts and Crafts 5 of 10
    Arts and Crafts
    Harlan loves doing arts and crafts, but it's hard for me to sit down and get things out for her and I to do together. While Avery is napping in the morning, I try to get out at least one craft for us to do together. It let's her get her creativity out and a lot of the crafts we do are ones that she learns in school, which is fun for me because I get to learn a little bit about her time in the classroom.
  • Play Time 6 of 10
    Play Time
    When Harlan is at school, I make sure to go home and spend time with Avery just sitting on the floor and playing. She is so used to having to share her toys or Harlan trying to take them away from her. Although she doesn't know anything different, I want her to be able to play with her toys without any hassle. We love playing together and rolling around on the floor with no one to focus on, but just us!
  • Laundry 7 of 10
    Laundry in New York City is always an adventure. We don't have a washer and dryer in our apartment so we have to go downstairs to the basement to do it. Harlan loves to lend a helping hand and I always accept her offer. It's fun for both of us to do it together downstairs. We play games to see who can get the clothes in the washer or dryer the fastest. Not only are we spending time alone together, but she makes something that I usually loathe fun and exciting.
  • Nursing 8 of 10
    The time that I spend with Avery nursing are always done with just her and I. If we are home, then I make sure to go into a quiet area where it can just be the two of us. It's a special time between us that I want to cherish.
  • Helping Me Cook 9 of 10
    Helping Me Cook
    Harlan loves to cook. She is always asking to help me with dinner and wants me to find her a chore to do. She's at the perfect age when little tasks are perfect for her because they keep her entertained and they really do help me out. Every once in a while she will help me cook dinner or I will make sure to buy a special dessert to make with just the two of us. We have so much fun doing it together and she enjoys eating something that she helped prepare.
  • Grocery Shopping 10 of 10
    Grocery Shopping
    Most of our grocery shopping is done online and delivered to our door (a luxury that I always take advantage of in the city) but there are moments when I need to go to the grocery store. Harlan loves to come with me because they have carts that are her size. She helps me find what we need and won't even let me get my own cart because she wants to do it all in hers. It's so much fun to spend the time with her and see her do some "grown up" things.

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