10 Ways I'm Learning to Love My Post-Baby Body

I am on a journey to find love. Not the love of another person, but the love of myself. More specifically, the love that I have for my body.

Since giving birth to Avery six months ago, I’ve noticed that there have been major changes in the way my body looks. My hips are a bit wider, my butt is bigger, my belly has a ring of fat around it. My self esteem took a bit of a beating from all of those changes. When I looked in the mirror, I didn’t like what was looking back at me.

It was extremely hard for me to admit the way that I truly felt about my post-baby body. I was terrified of the reactions that I would get from others. I didn’t want anyone to think that I loved my girls less because I hated my body. But reading comment after comment of women who were in the same boat I was helped restore some of that confidence in myself again. I was not alone in feeling sorry for myself or ashamed of the way I looked because there were plenty of other women that felt the same way.

That day that I confessed to you my hate for my body, I sat in tears at my computer with pain inside. Today, I am extremely proud to tell you that I sit here writing this with confidence and a smile on my face. I love myself and my body so much more today than I did just a few months ago.

No, I haven’t lost any weight or found the magic cure for getting your body back right away. But I have found a way to find confidence in yourself and to love your body for what it is, even after you have a baby.

  • Accept Compliments 1 of 10
    Accept Compliments
    This has been really hard for me to do. When I would receive a compliment, I would automatically turn it into something negative. "You look great" would be replied with "Well I still have fat here and there and am no where near where I want to be." They were just trying to be nice and I would continue to feel sorry for myself. Now when someone pays me a compliment, I take it for what it is and genuinely try to feel good about it. People are trying to tell you that you look great. Accept it and embrace it.
  • Set Realistic Expectations 2 of 10
    Set Realistic Expectations
    There is nothing worse than wanting to look a certain way knowing that you will never ever get there. I need to face the facts that my body will never look like those supermodels I see on television. The expectations I set for myself need to be realistic. I was looking through some of my photos from last year and want to be back to that. That is a goal that I can manage, because I've been there before.
  • Accentuate Parts of Your Body That You Love 3 of 10
    Accentuate Parts of Your Body That You Love
    There are obviously parts of my body I'm still not keen with. But there are parts of my body that I love. When I get dressed or go shopping, I try to find clothes that show off those parts rather than the parts that I am not so fond of.
  • Start a Workout Routine 4 of 10
    Start a Workout Routine
    The only way I am really going to do anything about this body is to get my butt off of the couch and get into the gym. My husband and I have finally joined a gym and I can't wait to get back into a routine. I used to go to the gym all the time before I got pregnant with Avery. I always felt my best after a great workout. I can't wait to have that feeling again.
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  • Go Shopping 5 of 10
    Go Shopping
    What woman doesn't love shopping? Shopping is somewhat theraputic for me. I hated doing it right after I had Avery, but now that I know what clothes look best on my "new" body, I love shopping for new clothes.
  • Go Out For Date Nights 6 of 10
    Go Out For Date Nights
    I love going out on a date with my husband. The best part is that I get to dress up and actually get ready for something special. It always makes me feel better about myself when I wear something nice and "do myself up" if you will. It makes me feel pretty, which is a feeling that is few and far between lately. The compliments from my husband on how I look are just an added bonus.
  • Take a Good Look At Yourself in the Mirror 7 of 10
    Take a Good Look At Yourself in the Mirror
    The mirror used to be something that I dreaded looking at. Now that I am on this journey, the mirror has become my friend. I don't focus on the negative parts while looking in the mirror, but rather the parts that I love.
  • Don’t Read the Tabloids 8 of 10
    Don't Read the Tabloids
    Those magazines that you see on shelves as you are checking out at the grocery store can mess with your mind. Seeing which celebrity has lost all of her weight a week after having a baby will have you wanting to skip lunch. I had to realize that those women have far more resources to lose all of that weight than I do. It's a waste of time for me to read about it, because honestly, it's not reality.
  • Don’t Fret Over Numbers 9 of 10
    Don't Fret Over Numbers
    I threw away my scale. Yep, it was a big move. I am no longer focusing on how many exact pounds I have to lose to get to my goal weight. Instead I am looking at how well my old clothes fit me and how I feel about myself. If I focus on losing those pounds by the numbers, I might make myself go crazy.
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  • Remember That There is a Beautiful Reason Your Body Looks the Way it Does 10 of 10
    Remember That There is a Beautiful Reason Your Body Looks the Way it Does
    The most important thing for me to remember is that my body is the way it is because I brought two beautiful little girls into this world. Pregnancy is an amazing process and your body goes through so many changes. My two girls are worth every extra fat roll and stretch mark.

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