10 Ways Motherhood has Changed Me

I always knew that becoming a parent would change my life. How could it not? I would no longer be able to sleep through a night, showers would be rapid races to finish before a baby awoke and my house would be filled with diapers. All those things happened, but they were the least significant changes. Motherhood changed my daily schedule, but it also changed a lot of other traits and habits of mine.

I don’t know if I’d say that I’m better or worse than I was before the baby, but I am undoubtedly changed. I feel different, I react differently to every day situations. It’s as though my personality has shifted since this tiny person became a part of my life. It may not be as evident to those around me, but these are the top 10 ways that I know motherhood has changed me.

  • Homeopathic Remedies 1 of 10
    I am a skeptic. I trust scientific remedies and Western medicine. It's a flaw in my character. But since having the baby I have voluntarily taken multiple herbs and homeopathic remedies for my milk supply and for some horrific headaches that have shown up again since giving birth. I guess motherhood has made me willing to try more things than I was before, especially if they're gentler on my body.
  • Safer Driving 2 of 10
    I am not going to say I used to be an aggressive driver but I totally used to be an aggressive driver. Since about the 7th month of pregnancy I've become much more conservative because it wasn't just me anymore, I had some extremely precious cargo. You still won't find me in the right lanes, but you'll find much less tailgating and fewer middle fingers thrown my way.
  • Unbothered by Spit Up 3 of 10
    I make no secret of the fact that my greatest fear in life is vomit. Yes, I know that is crazy, I am well aware of it, but it's true. And so it's kind of amazing to me that spit up, even massive volumes that anyone else would consider puke, don't faze me at all. There are mornings where my child reeks of acid and though I don't want to snuggle with the folds of his neck or anything, I am not even slightly bothered.
  • Morning Person 4 of 10
    I am absolutely never going to be a morning person, let me just put that out there. However, I am much more able to function before 8 in the morning than I have ever been before. There have been plenty of mornings where I could've been up for the day after a 6am feeding. That was pretty much never true before Eli came along.
  • Sleep Without the TV 5 of 10
    When I was a kid, I slept with cassette tapes of Disney movies playing every night and later CDs of other music. I've never been able to sleep in silence and usually go to sleep to an episode of Friends on our Apple TV. Since the baby came along, I'm actually more inclined to sleep in silence, partially so I can neurotically listen to him breathe and partially because I just sleep better that way now.
  • Makeup 6 of 10
    I've never been an especially girly girl, but I can count on one hand the number of times I've worn makeup since Eli was born. It's not that I don't have time, it's that I just don't feel a need to put it on. I'd rather spend those 5-10 minutes snuggling my baby or hanging out with my family.
  • Cats 7 of 10
    Everyone said that when the baby came the cats would become just cats instead of the center of our attention. In a way this has been true but largely because for the first month, the cats wouldn't come near me at all. But now that they're coming back around, I notice that though I still love them way more than a normal person, they have taken a bit of a backseat to the baby. It's not that I love them less, but I realize now that I love them differently.
  • Cry at Commercials 8 of 10
    I am not a crier. I've never been one, even when pregnant I held it together pretty well. I won't pretend that the same was true for my first few postpartum weeks, but for the most part, I'm a pretty stoic person. Except that now every time a touching commercial or tv show is on I sob like a girl. It's...unsettling. The baby finally got this tin man a heart, it seems.
  • Diet 9 of 10
    I've never been a particularly healthy eater. I love carbs fiercely and have never been great with veggies and those healthy grains. But since the baby, both my husband and I have made big changes to our diet, cutting out a lot of the unhealthy crap and adding in more fruits, vegetables and other good stuff.
  • All Around Happier 10 of 10
    I was not unhappy before Eli (okay, so the week before he was born I was pretty unhappy), but I am happy and fulfilled in a way I never understood before he came along. It's as though my heart has suddenly grown and all the ugly things that used to bother me have melted into the background. I am unquestionably happier now than I have ever been before.

How did motherhood change you?

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