10 Ways To Entertain a Grumpy Baby

Just look at that grump face!

I’ve come back from the trenches of Grumpville bearing an arsenal of baby distraction techniques.





Here are my favorite ways to entertain a grumpy baby…

  • Take a walk 1 of 10
    Take a walk
    Strap the baby on or in a stroller and hit the streets. The fresh air will do you both good!
  • Reach for a Snack 2 of 10
    Reach for a Snack
    Let the baby explore new texture and tastes. It may snap them out of a mood for a little while at least.
  • Blast the Radio and Dance 3 of 10
    Blast the Radio and Dance
    It's hard to be grumpy when Aretha Franklin is belting out R.E.S.P.E.C.T
  • Shift Nap Time 4 of 10
    Shift Nap Time
    Don't fight it. Sometimes grumpy=tired Go with it.
  • Go Shopping 5 of 10
    Go Shopping
    Babies like to people watch too.
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  • Wear and Work 6 of 10
    Wear and Work
    Sometimes just wearing baby while doing mundane chores is all it takes.
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  • Take a Bath 7 of 10
    Take a Bath
    Warm water. Lots of toys. It's gotta work!
  • Introduce a Non-Toy Toy 8 of 10
    Introduce a Non-Toy Toy
    For some reason --and I really like someone to explain this to me -- non toys work better than toys for distracting baby. Wooden spoons, whisks, tupperware tops, plastic spoons, anything he thinks he can't have will make him happy for at least a little while.
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  • Try a new Game 9 of 10
    Try a new Game
  • Hand Him Off 10 of 10
    Hand Him Off
    When all else fails hand the baby off and let someone else deal for a little while. ;)
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