10 Ways to Get Your Baby to Love Bath Time

Bath time is supposed to be a happy time for a baby. The splashing of the water, playing with toys, who wouldn’t love it? My daughter, apparently.

Avery used to be completely fine during bath time, but recently has really learned to hate it. She screams the entire time and I have to move as quickly as I can to get her clean so that I can get her out. As soon as I put her in her towel, the crying stops and all is okay in her world again.

I really don’t want bath time to be as traumatic for her (and me) as she is making it seem, so I am doing my best to make it as comfortable as possible. I’ve tried several things to help her learn to love bath time and so far they are working. Every time we give her a bath, there is less and less crying. I hope that soon, she will learn to love the bath and it will become something that she looks forward to and doesn’t dread.


Check out 10 ways that will help your baby learn to love the bath after the jump! 

  • Let Them Play With Water 1 of 10
    Let Them Play With Water
    Before you put them right into the water, let them experiment with it. Grab a bucket and let them splash in it or turn on the sprinklers to let them play. That way when it is time for the bath, the water doesn't seem like something foreign or scary to them.
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  • Add Bubbles 2 of 10
    Add Bubbles
    Bubbles can make anything fun! Avery is just getting to the age where she absolutely loves bubbles. Put them in the bath and it helps keep them entertained and their mind off of being scared.
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  • Make Sure the Temperature is to Their Liking 3 of 10
    Make Sure the Temperature is to Their Liking
    The temperature of the water might be the reason that your little one dislikes the bath. Make sure it isn't too warm or too cold for baby. Always check the temperature of the water before putting your baby in.
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  • Be Consistent 4 of 10
    Be Consistent
    It's best to make bath time as part of your routine. Whether you do it in the morning or right before bedtime, make sure that it remains consistent. This helps the baby predict what is to come and will help them get used to it. We do our bath in the morning at our house and it's helped Avery get started for her day.
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  • Do it at a Happy Time During the Day 5 of 10
    Do it at a Happy Time During the Day
    I tried to give Avery a bath once when she was very cranky. I thought that the bath would help relax and calm her down. Boy was I wrong. It only made the situation worse, because she wasn't a fan of the bath. Now I make sure that she is her happiest (which is usually right after she wakes up in the morning) to put her in the bathtub. It helps ease some of her anxiety when she is in a great mood.
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  • Make it a Family Affair 6 of 10
    Make it a Family Affair
    Get the family involved in bath time. When it's convenient, I always have my husband and my daughter with me when we give Avery a bath. She loves looking at everyone's faces and it helps to keep her distracted while I am trying to bathe her.
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  • Sing 7 of 10
    What child doesn't love a good song to listen to? I love singing Avery bath themed songs like "Row Row Row Your Boat" while giving her a bath. Although my singing voice might not compare to Mariah Carey's, the smile on her face wouldn't let you know that.
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  • Get Them Age Appropriate Toys 8 of 10
    Get Them Age Appropriate Toys
    Toys in the bath tub are fun for a child of any age, but make sure that you are putting toys in the bath that are age appropriate. Avery is at the stage where she loves to chew on everything you give her. So for her bath, I've gotten her a bunch of toys that are soft and feel good on her gums. These toys help distract her during bathing and help her love the water more.
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  • Let Them Play in an Empty Tub 9 of 10
    Let Them Play in an Empty Tub
    Help them understand that the bathtub isn't a scary thing. Put them in an empty tub and put their toys in it to let them play. That way it helps them associate the bathtub with something fun and exciting.
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  • Take a Bath With Them 10 of 10
    Take a Bath With Them
    Join in on the fun and get in the bathtub with them. If you don't want to and you have an older child, let them join in too. This will give your little one someone to play with while in the bath and will help them feel more secure and comfortable knowing that there is someone joining them at bath time. One of my favorite things to do with my oldest was to take a bath with her. She was always so happy to see me in there playing with her.
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What strategies do you use to get your baby to love the bath?

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