10 Ways to Inject Style Into a Postpartum Recovery

I think some of the worst advice doled out to new moms is to forget about themselves and take care of the baby. Don’t worry about getting dressed. Don’t bother showering.

It’s a recipe for new moms that are already suffering from postpartum hormones, severe sleep deprivation, and postpartum body issues to deal with, feeling even worse about themselves. I say a mom who feels badly about herself has a harder time caring for anyone else.

Here are 10 ways to easily inject style into your postpartum recovery:





  • Shower – Every Day 1 of 10
    Shower - Every Day
    It doesn't matter how terrible/tired/overwhelmed you feel. Find the time to wash away the day before. It'll make you feel better every single time.

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  • Get Dressed – Every Day 2 of 10
    Get Dressed - Every Day
    Nothing makes a person feel sick or depressed like spending the day in the clothes they spent the night in. Start fresh every morning by putting something new on.

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  • No Nightgowns As Day Wear 3 of 10
    No Nightgowns As Day Wear
    When you put on fresh duds, skip the night gowns. You should be wearing something that resembles clothes you might consider wearing in public.

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  • Go Crazy For Lounge Clothes 4 of 10
    Go Crazy For Lounge Clothes
    When selecting your postpartum wardrobe, lean towards washable knits with elastic waist bands.

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  • Change Out of Dirty Clothes 5 of 10
    Change Out of Dirty Clothes
    Babies are a regular production factory of messes. But just because babies spit up on you doesn't mean you should carry the evidence on your shirt all day.

    Image source: flickr | NoVa Hokie
  • Nursing Bra 6 of 10
    Nursing Bra
    Make sure you are wearing a supportive nursing bra, even when you sleep. They are convenient, supportive, and make nursing the baby easy. They also have the nice bonus of holding nursing pads in place to help prevent leaks.

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  • Do Your Hair 7 of 10
    Do Your Hair
    I am not suggest you pull out the hairdryer and curling iron here, but you need to do something with your hair. Find a low maintenance style that you can tolerate and maintain on a daily basis.

    Image source: flickr | gfpeck
  • Put On Some Makeup 8 of 10
    Put On Some Makeup
    Again, keep it simple. A little mascara and lip gloss can go a long way in making you feel normal. It's definitely worth the effort.

    Image source: flickr | KNOBBYKNEEz
  • Remember It’s a Process 9 of 10
    Remember It's a Process
    It took you 9 months to make that baby, make sure to give yourself time to "bounce back". All you can do is take it one day at a time.
  • Don’t Forget Your Favorite Accessory 10 of 10
    Don't Forget Your Favorite Accessory
    Make sure to show off your little one everywhere you go!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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