100 Things I Want My Baby to Know About Life

100 Things I want my baby to know about life

Sweet little baby, how fast you grow.

While I am doing everything I can to inhale Zeke’s baby-ness, I feel it fading … fast.  Soon he will be running the show, realizing that us parents are just that and that he is his own person.

There are so many things I wish I could tell Zeke now that would stick with him for life. Things that would change how he approaches situations and people. Advice that I wish I had heard. Lessons that will prevent heart break and save time. Unfortunately, as many times as I explain these things to him now — he just says “mama”, “dada” or flashes his sweet smile.  Well Zeke, since you won’t listen — I’m writing these life tips down for future reference.

100 Things I Want My Baby To Know About Life

  1. You are loved.
  2. Grace. Know it. Live it.
  3. God loves you for who you are.
  4. Your parents love you, no matter what.
  5. Expect nothing.
  6. Enjoy each moment.
  7. Make memories.
  8. Smile when you talk.
  9. It’s okay to cry.
  10. People can be mean.
  11. Treat others with kindness.
  12. Have a giving heart.
  13. Always eat the cake (moderation applies here).
  14. Your smarts come from your dad.
  15. Your humor comes from your mom.
  16. Don’t wear black socks with shorts.
  17. Always wear sunscreen (sorry you are so pale!).
  18. Travel and learn about the world.
  19. All girls like flowers, regardless of what they say.
  20. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  21. Learn the words to Bohemian Rhapsody.
  22. Take lots of photos.
  23. Be open with your feelings.
  24. Don’t forget to call your mom.
  25. Live for the day.
  26. The past is the past — don’t dwell on it.
  27. Don’t take things personally.
  28. Paint your walls fun colors.
  29. Smelly feet are never attractive.
  30. Follow your heart.
  31. Find a purpose.
  32. Give generously.
  33. Never hold a grudge.
  34. Texas is the best place to live, despite what those other states think.
  35. Don’t let the world define you.
  36. March to your own beat.
  37. Always open the door for a lady.
  38. Some people will never be happy until they discover happiness for themselves.
  39. Don’t chew your nails.
  40. Don’t chew your toe nails.
  41. Your Aunt Betsy will do anything to win #1 aunt.
  42. Don’t wear plaid and stripes together.
  43. You can choose your friends, but not your family. (You are stuck with us.)
  44. Always pay yourself first.
  45. Laugh. A LOT.
  46. Always move forward.
  47. Use manners.
  48. Be thankful.
  49. Do what makes you happy.
  50. Learn to understand your emotions and how to express them.
  51. Drink responsibly.
  52. Your parents are a phone call, Facetime, Skype, text message, email or Facebook message away.
  53. Money does not equal happiness.
  54. Let your freak flag fly (just keep it legal and off the internet, please).
  55. Treat a girl like a lady.
  56. Your dad taught you to speak Wookie when you were 8 months old.
  57. Peer pressure is a bitch, don’t fall into it.
  58. Appreciate art.
  59. Sing, even if your voice sucks.
  60. You can’t please everybody.
  61. Sleep is a good thing.
  62. Nobody starts on top.
  63. Age is just a number.
  64. Take risks.
  65. Live by your values.
  66. Don’t quit.
  67. Remove can’t from your vocabulary.
  68. You are priceless.
  69. Find a girl that will make you laugh, beauty fades.
  70. Know your family history (you are 12.5% Japanese!).
  71. If you hear voices in your head, see a doctor.
  72. Don’t live ordinary.
  73. Learn to burp your ABC’s, but don’t do that in public.
  74. Don’t text and drive.
  75. Google does not know everything.
  76. You were conceived at an Indian casino (see #15).
  77. Don’t swing too far left or right.
  78. Get a tattoo and have no regrets (just not on your face, please).
  79. Read the Bible front to back.
  80. Make time for yourself.
  81. Learn to say no.
  82. Find mentors.
  83. Be a mentor.
  84. Live below your means.
  85. Never stop learning.
  86. Make your own choices (but feel free to ask my opinion).
  87. Pray.
  88. Your mom ate Mexican food at least 100 times while you were in utero.
  89. Nobody likes a know-it-all.
  90. Keep your word.
  91. Be on time (unlike your mother).
  92. Think positive thoughts.
  93. Help others, but don’t enable them.
  94. Dream.
  95. Pay your bills on time.
  96. Cheaters never prosper.
  97. What comes around goes around.
  98. Use spell check.
  99. Watch what you post online.
  100. Be YOU.

Over your lifetime my goal as your mommy is to teach you these things. These are life tips that school won’t teach you.  Sure, some of these life lessons you will have to learn on your own — just remember #4 and #52.  And don’t worry Zeke. I won’t tell you “I told you so.”  Instead I may say, “I think I blogged about that. Let me send you a link.”

What Life Tip Do You Wish Your Baby Could Know For His or Her Whole Life?

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