11 Adorable Black Dolls For Baby

Yesterday, I wrote a post “Should My Black Daughter Have More Black Dolls?” so it’s not surprising that I spent all night searching the World Wide Web for some darling dark-skinned dolls. I have to be honest, the first ones I came across were not so appealing.

For example, the Ikea Lekkamrat doll is pretty hideous (click at your own risk), but they played fair by designing the white version just as cringe worthy. Promps to Ikea for their dark-skinned nurse, chef and scuba diver finger puppets though (at least I think the little dude in blue is a scuba diver!). Very cute. I don’t think I’ve even ever seen a black scuba diver on TV, so rock on Ikea.

Here’s the 11 most adorable black dolls I found for my daughters!

  • Berta 1 of 11

    Pink hair, how can a little girl resist!

    Land of Nod $39.00

  • Bundle Babies 2 of 11

    For some reason I'm stuck on the idea of these 9-inch cuties as book ends in a nursery.  Cute, right?

    Land of Nod $14.95

  • Jojo 3 of 11

    Retro and modern, definitely my favorite doll of the lot.

    Land of Nod $19.95

  • Stella 4 of 11

    Jojo's sister Stella is equally adorable and worth a shout-out!

    Land of Nod $19.95

  • Naomi 5 of 11

    You'll either love or hate this doll.  I love her!  The striped legs and big eyes won me over.

    Land of Nod $12.95

  • Baby’s First Doll 6 of 11

    Classic in every sense! This doll has a timeless style.

    The Children's Factory $7.76

  • The Snowy Day Doll 7 of 11

    I had no idea the book had a doll!  Going to order one today for my daughters.

    MerryMakers $16.00

  • Barbara Doll 8 of 11

    This was my last foster daughter's most favorite doll.  I can attest to its durability!

    Child Therapy Toy $13.95

  • Michael Doll 9 of 11

    Even cuter than Barbara, I couldn't leave Michael out!

    Child Therapy Toys $13.95

  • Baby Doll Darcy 10 of 11

    This is going to sound cheesy, but something about this little doll really captured my heart.

    Pottery Barn Kids $39

  • Tree Princess “Iris” 11 of 11

    Once the girls get a little older, this charming doll is at the top of my shopping list!

    Pottery Barn Kids $39.99

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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