11 Babies in Wigs: A (Questionable) Solution for Baby Baldness

I try not to complain about the ways of the universe, but if I had to name one flaw in its design, it would be that some babies are bald for the first two years of their lives while others are born with a full mane.

Though most parents wait out their child’s delayed hair-growth, others may be compelled to take matters into their own hands, especially after looking at these adorable pictures. Check out the photos after the jump!

— Rebecca Bohanan


  • Corporate coif 1 of 11
    Corporate coif
    Donald Trump Jr.? This baby has his life together — the vest, the tie, and bangs that put all three Hanson brothers to shame. Check for this little guy on the 2050 Forbes list.
    Photo Credit: Million Miles From Normal
  • Dawning of the Age of A-hair-ius 2 of 11
    Dawning of the Age of A-hair-ius
    This baby was totally a stand-in at the Sunday matinee performance of Hair on Broadway!
    Photo Credit: Shiso Mama
  • Baby Einstein 3 of 11
    Baby Einstein
    Breaking news — we've just discovered Einstein's equation for world peace: baby + wig = ☺.
    Photo Credit: Costume Kingdom
  • I am my hair 4 of 11
    I am my hair
    When we saw this little one, we were sure it was just Lady Gaga in her latest disguise. Then we took a second look and saw something much better: a diva baby checking for split ends. Somewhere, V. Sassoon just shed a tear of joy.
    Photo Credit: Shiso Mama
  • Even Mötley Crüe started in cribs 5 of 11
    Even Mötley Crüe started in cribs
    Kid, we can see your future and we like it: ripped onesies, amazing Fisher-Price xylophone solos, little girls screaming your name in daycare … and a swimming pool full of Johnson & Johnson conditioner.
    Photo Credit: EBS Crafts
  • Whip your hair back and forth 6 of 11
    Whip your hair back and forth
    What's more amazing than a baby in a wig? A dancing baby in a wig. Beyoncé, we'd like to let you finish, but this baby has the best hair of all time.
    Photo Credit: Sandra Rose
  • The King lives 7 of 11
    The King lives
    Elvis reincarnated? Don't be cruel! This baby's making the look his own. Now get him a fried peanut butter and banana sammie before he's all shook up.
    Photo Credit: Costume Kingdom
  • Chevy went bald, but not as a baby! 8 of 11
    Chevy went bald, but not as a baby!
    This baby knows how to make an obscure movie reference. He was originally cast as young Chevy Chase in the flick Fletch, but all his scenes were cut … Just the nature of the biz, kid.
    Photo Credit: Million Miles From Normal
  • No bald head, no cry 9 of 11
    No bald head, no cry
    Just one sight of these delightful dreads makes us want to kick back and relax beneath our favorite rainbow mobile.
    Photo Credit: Grow a Brain
  • Resist the temptation 10 of 11
    Resist the temptation
    Thin hair, or even baldness, is the worst. But you can't pretend yarn is even semi-realistic as a hair substitute. It's like swapping Brie for Velveeta on your head. Try again, kid.
    Photo Credit: Head Huggers
  • Save the best for last 11 of 11
    Save the best for last
    Sometimes the snow falls down in June … and sometimes babies wear wigs (while pretending to be a puppet).
    Photo Credit: Craft Zine

Kid hair, everywhere! The best of the worst toddler hair fails

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