11 Baby Turkey Costumes for This Thanksgiving

Just because Halloween is behind us, it doesn’t mean dress-up time is over — especially if you have a baby!

With Thanksgiving coming up, you can take advantage of baby turkey costumes, hats, and even diaper covers. It’s almost enough to make real turkeys jealous … I say almost, because, realistically, their tiny turkey brains are probably consumed with other things this time of year, like campaigning for presidential pardons.

Back to your baby: Your little bundle of joy may not actually enjoy being bundled in random turkey-esque ensembles, but he won’t remember feeling uncomfortable for a few hours … whereas you will definitely remember how adorable and/or hilarious your kid looked when you dressed him like Thanksgiving dinner and then “served” him in on a giant dish in the middle of the dining room table. (Cute idea, right? Unless you have family of recovering cannibals — in which case, definitely don’t do that.)

Check out 11 fun turkey costumes and hats below. Whether you prefer your bird get-ups live or cooked, these will have you (and your baby) covered!

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Images used with permission from Rakuten.com and Etsy sellers.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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