11 Items My Baby Would Rather Play With Than Her Toys

Who needs toys when you have this?

I used to be the biggest toy hoarder. Whenever I was out I would always find an excuse to get the latest and greatest toy that was great for my daughter’s development. I’ll be honest, I was a sucker for great marketing. Once we moved to the city in an apartment MUCH smaller than the house we lived in in Tampa, I finally stopped buying toys.

I saved a bunch of toys from when Harlan was younger so that Avery does have toys to play with. As soon as Avery got to the age that she was old enough to reach out and grab toys, I pulled out everything that I had so that she would be able to keep herself entertained. I would try to rotate a group in and out so she would never get tired of playing with the same old thing. Apparently my brilliant toy rotation plan didn’t work very well because it seems that Avery would much rather play with random objects lying around the house rather than all of her cool toys.

Check out some of the items I’ve caught her playing with after the jump! 

  • Remote Control 1 of 11
    I have to hide the remote control from her because she has such an obsession with it. I fill our living room with toys and somehow she manages to find the remote in all of the mess. I don't know if it's the lights or the buttons, but she loves it.
  • Mommy’s Sunglasses 2 of 11
    I've had to start putting all of my accessories away when I am around her. I leaned over to give her a kiss and she grabbed my sunglasses that were on the top of my head and immediately put them in her mouth. Do you see this colorful toy-filled contraption she is sitting in? She would have much rather spent time chewing on my Ray Bans than playing with the toy piano in front of her.
  • Water Bottle 3 of 11
    I think it's the crinkly sound that the water bottle makes that she loves so much. I have a hard time drinking from water bottles around her because she is always trying to grab them from me. I'm to the point now where I will just give her my empty water bottles so that she can play with them and it keeps her entertained.
  • Wooden Spoon 4 of 11
    My oldest daughter, Harlan, had this wooden spoon out because she was pretending to cook me dinner. As soon as Avery saw it she immediately grabbed it from Harlan and started to play with it.
  • Computer 5 of 11
    The computer is no longer safe around Avery because she is always trying to touch it. Since I work from home, she sees me on my computer a lot. Every once in a while she has to sit on my lap while I work. I try to have a toy handy to keep her entertained, but she would much rather look at the bright screen and try and press the buttons on the keyboard.
  • Socks 6 of 11
    This little girl has learned how to take the socks off of her feet and put them in her mouth. Thank goodness she isn't walking yet or I would be worried about all of the germs on the bottom. At least with her only wearing them on the floor in the house, they are clean for now.
  • Daddy’s Hat 7 of 11
    Over the summer I brought a bunch of toys for Avery to play with while we were out by the water. My husband went in for a quick swim and left his hat next to Avery. Rather than all of the beach toys sitting around her to play with, she picks up his hat and was entertained for about five minutes.
  • Newspaper 8 of 11
    Nothing like a baby catching up on a little bit of The Wall Street Journal. She loves to shred this stuff to pieces. Between the sound that it makes and how easily it rips, she absolutely loves it.
  • Her Spoon 9 of 11
    She is absolutely obsessed with spoons. It's a battle trying to feed her at night because every time I put the spoon in her mouth she tries to grab it from me to try to do it herself. She loves to chew on them.
  • iPad 10 of 11
    What kid doesn't like the iPad? I sat her down on the couch next to Harlan and before I knew it she was trying to crawl over to her to touch the screen. Just a little sibling face-off as Harlan tries to take her hand away to not disturb her from her video watching.
  • Plastic Cup 11 of 11
    I think she might be practicing drinking. I have brought this plastic cup with me almost everywhere we go. She first grabbed it on vacation and it's seemed to entertain her so much that it is now in our diaper bag for emergency entertainment purposes.

What household items does your baby love to play with?

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