11 Months?!? Where Is My Baby Going?

Oh. She’s on the threshold of toddler-hood so you say. What’s that now? I always thought the whole baby-into-toddler-hood happened a little fast by society’s standards anyways. So imma gonna keep her a baby for a little while longer, okay internets?

Although, sadly, I probably won’t be writing about it all here. In one short month you’ll be finding our antics over on Toddler Times and in some other fun places like my personal blog and a saucy project in mid-launch; FEAST!

Here I am getting ahead of myself. Until then we have some precious time my friends – where I get to share Abby’s 11 month-sary with you, (today!) gearing up towards the big 1 year celebration. Let me tell you how YES, I’m all up in Pinterest planning that shizzle.

Time, it lurches forth with a ravenous appetite, undaunted by my wavering momma-ness over it all. Rooms echo with her baby babbles on the brink of words that will surely spill forth. Strong legs dance and kick and hint at better things to come. Tiny fingers turn over pages and build towers with precision and care. Eyes are mischievous, all the while shrieking with laughter and frustration; reminding me, that, Oh, I’m definitely in for it – if she’s anything like me.

Which, of course, she probably will be, except maybe less so and more so in all the right places. All we can do is keep working at it. To keep loving and supporting and protecting and respecting, the best way we know how, answering to the call of our hearts. Instinctually, mindfully so. My highest hope is that our physical and mental health as a family unit, mirrors that of the hard work fraught with the confidence and solid determination that we put into it. Fear and good intentions have never gotten me very far. This parenting thing. This marriage thing. This life thing. The really good kind(s). Hardest effing work I’ll ever do.

Now that I’ve had my dance in the melancholy zone, we can all take a little breather and enjoy the stillness through my lens that has been the happy life that is this day. All 11 glorious months of my sweet Lil’ Abner; mucking about with me, her momma.

  • Cheeky Monkey 1 of 11
    Cheeky Monkey
    As seen with her new-found talent of all that is the sticking out of the tongue, brandishing it about at turbulent speed, sending baby spit flying everywhere. Tell me why I think this is cute again?
  • Diva Represent 2 of 11
    Diva Represent
    Read me the book. Why are you not reading me the book? I would like the book now please.
  • Sweet Victory 3 of 11
    Sweet Victory
    Of all the bears in the world, brown bear has got to be #1. A baby and toddler favourite since 1987.
  • Must. Not. Eat. Book. 4 of 11
    Must. Not. Eat. Book.
    It's all rather quite entertaining to watch her battle with not munching on the book (a past favourite), to actually looking at the book. Sometimes she can't make up her mind which to do, but as of late - story-time is the clear winner.
  • Hungry? 5 of 11
    Because I know you want to eat mah bebe's toes. Understandably.
  • Fascination 6 of 11
    I could sit for hours wiggling her toes, tickling her tummy, blowing zerberts behind her ear, and kissing up every inch of her. Lately though, she prefers to get a little wild with activities like leg horsey (Oh, the JOY), wrestling and speed crawling/thinking she's invincible.
  • Lightining 7 of 11
    She darts around like a little chubby race car, making my lens chase her all the more. My love for photography and capturing her essence shall never fray, blurred appendages and all.
  • Little Foodie 8 of 11
    Little Foodie
    This, featuring today's lunch of grilled elk, Annie's organic macaroni and cheese with steamed brocoli florets. More usually ends up to the floor, to her amusement - especially when we attempt to tell her not to (AHEM). But still. Clearly she's not starving.
  • Treats 9 of 11
    A litte special treat for today's month-sary. Wild berry frozen yogurt bar. She mainlined over to me when I bequeathed it's glory from confinement, like she's been eating frozen yogurt bars every day of the week. Not gonna happen little girl. Well maybe. It is summer after all.
  • You Can’t Fool Me 10 of 11
    You Can't Fool Me
    I know there was more to this bar than I was given. I'll just finish this here, thankyouverymuch.
  • Momma Toes, Baby Toes 11 of 11
    Momma Toes, Baby Toes
    As I've mentioned before, the baby toe-painting shall commence very soonly. It's inevitable.

In case you were wondering…I took all of these pictures with my iPhone. Then I edited them using the awesome that is an on-line photo-editing tool (FREE!) called PicMonkey. Since they launched ‘collages,’ Picnic closing has been but a distant memory. Some people in my life, they’ve been telling me to learn Photo-Shop. Psssh I say! Then I’m going to want to be like a professional photographer or graphic designer or something. Those who know me well know how crazy that would be, given the two careers I already have.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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