11 Must-Haves For Your Baby’s Keepsake Box

I’m obsessed with creating my daughters’ keepsake boxes right now. I’ve collected meaningful items from their 1st year of life such as favorite onesies, adored small toys and souvenir trinkets from our vacation to Santa Fe this summer. Eventually, the girls’ baby bracelets and a few photographs will be added.

To make sure I wasn’t leaving out any important items, I went to Etsy and did a search for “baby keepsake.” Sure enough, I quickly found some additional must-haves for a baby’s keepsake box. Here they are:

  • 11 Must-Haves for Your Baby’s Keepsake Box 1 of 12
  • 1. Something Monogrammed 2 of 12

    You spent so much time deciding on the perfect name and ensuring your babies initials look good (or at least don't spell 'ASS') something monogrammed will make an excellent, traditional keepsake.  In addition to these charming bloomers (that I'm about to order now) you can get most anything monogrammed. 

    Available at Etsy for $12.95

  • 2. Something ‘Now’ 3 of 12

    Don't shy away from including something cute that you think might be a fad.  What better way to capture the times than a fleeting trend? I'm a complete sucker for baby crowns and I'm including one in my daughter's keepsake box.

    Etsy $10.95

  • 3. Handwritten Notes From Family and Friends 4 of 12

    When I look in my baby keepsake box that my mom made, one of my favorite items include the baby shower cards.  The handwritten notes from family and friends makes it so personal. If you don't have much in writing due to email, consider writing your own handwritten note or including any little jots such as lists, notes to the babysitter or a page from your calendar. 

    If you're throwing a baby shower for someone, help get their keepsake box started by passing out these cards for guests to write their wishes for baby.

    Etsy $11.50 for 10

  • 4. A Regional Reflection 5 of 12

    Both of my daughters were born in New York but I'm originally from Florida.  I'm not sure how long we'll live up here so a token of New York was essential to their keepsake boxes.

    State Rattles on Etsy $15.00

  • 5. The Lovey 6 of 12

    You're probably not going to get your baby's lovey away from him or her anytime soon but eventually it should definitely go into the keepsake box!

    I wish I would have started out one of my girls with a lovey as adorable as this goat.

    Etsy $32.00

  • 6. Booties and Baby Shoes, Of Course 7 of 12

    If you're anything like me, the bigger issue is WHICH booties and baby shoes do I include? I love these deep purple ones found on Etsy for only $10.00.

  • 7. The Hairbrush or Comb 8 of 12

    It can be something as simple as a cheap dollar store comb if that's what you use.  In 20 years it's going to be vintage and cool!

    If you want to get special about it, this artist will add your baby's name to a hairbrush -Etsy $17.99.

  • 8. The Baby Bracelet 9 of 12

    Baby bracelets can double as keepsake and heirloom. No doubt this gorgeous, antique baby bracelet has a fascinating history already.

    Etsy $48.00

  • 9. Any Little Hat Your Baby Wore 10 of 12

    Hats are another keepsake classic. Bonnets, knit cap or a combination of both like the one I found here- any hat that your little one's head fit into will bring back a flood of memories in years to come.

    Etsy $24.11


  • 10. Something Very Unique Birth 11 of 12

    Try to find something that you think most parents have not included in their baby keepsake box. This could be as simple as looking around your home. Anything homemade? A special toy? A 'baby's first' gift?

    I found this incredibly awesome birth certificate holder on Etsy for $14.00.

  • 11. Don’t forget the Box! 12 of 12

    These days parents have many choices for keepsake boxes.  Tin, fabric, metal, wood, plastic....almost any material one can think of. This wooden box is personalized and my favorite is here Etsy $66.37.

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