11 Things My 11-Month-Old Is Doing

We have rounded the corner and we are cruising straight toward one year.  And amidst party planning, craft making, and cake baking, I’m also trying to just enjoy and soak up Cullen in this very moment – eleven months old.  I’m consistently amazed by how much he changes from month to month, sometimes even from day to day.

This month is all about moving, learning, and exploring.  Every day his personality shines a little bit brighter, and he’s able to communicate and do just a little bit more.  I love watching him grow!

Here are 11 things he’s doing now that he’s 11 months old…

  • Dancing 1 of 10
    This guy is SO into music! It's the cutest thing. Yesterday we were at the park, and there were people playing frisbee and listening to music, and he just started bouncing along. Kills me!
  • Drinking… 2 of 10
    Smoothies! I've started making breakfast smoothies for him, and he's loving trying out different sippy cups.
  • Eating 3 of 10
    More and more and more! We just continue trying new foods, and keep hoping he will like them. Right now he's enjoying lots of winter squash!
  • Hugging 4 of 10
    Cullen has suddenly started wrapping his arms around my neck and holding on tight. There is no feeling in the world quite like it. I never want him to let go.
  • Kissing 5 of 10
    To go along with his hugs, he's also started kissing. Giant open-mouthed drooly slobbers!
  • Riding 6 of 10
    He loves riding on his daddy's shoulders. When he's on mommy's shoulders, he's too tempted to pull her hair - ouch!
  • Running 7 of 10
    Cullen's walk has sped to a run, and he's hard to stop these days. We spend almost every afternoon at the park, where he can run around in a giant grassy space and stretch those little legs.
  • Slurping 8 of 10
    He tried his first Jamba Juice this month! A great healthy snack that mom and baby can share.
  • Tapping 9 of 10
    He loves picking up blocks, cups, puzzle pieces - whatever - and tapping things together. He thinks it's pretty funny.
  • Waving 10 of 10
    The newest party trick is waving. He seems to understand bye bye more than hello right now, but he's definitely getting the hang of it!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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