11 Things My 11 Month Old Loves To Do

photo 1It’s hard to believe that Avery only has a few more days of being 11 months old. This month I’ve been able to see just how much of an outgoing baby that she is. She’s learned so many new things this month and with that she’s gained so much more confidence in herself. She recognizes when she can do some of the same things that I do or that her big sister does and she is so overjoyed when she accomplishes it.

Now that she’s learned so many new tricks this month, all she wants to do is repeat them over and over again. She is very outgoing and will show everyone she has the chance to of her latest milestone. I love that she’s built up this confidence and security in herself at such a young age. I also think that she loves the reactions that she gets from people that she lures with her new tricks.

At just 11 months, this little girl is beginning to do more and more things that my toddler does. The baby days are almost over!

  • Walk 1 of 11
    Since learning to walk last month, Avery has finally built up the confidence to do it all the time. She's loves walking everywhere and would much rather walk around than have you hold her.
  • Watch Yo Gabba Gabba 2 of 11
    Watch Yo Gabba Gabba
    My oldest has been obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba since she was nine months old, so it was only a matter of time before Avery caught the Gabba bug too. This is the only thing that will keep Avery still and quiet for more than five minutes. She watches the show with her eyes glued to the television and dances to all the songs. It's so funny to watch both girls mesmerized by this show.
  • Eat All by Herself 3 of 11
    Eat All by Herself
    Gone are the days when Avery will let me feed her. She is very independent and likes to do most things on her own. This includes eating in her own. She makes a huge mess doing it, but as long as she is eating, I'm okay with the mess.
  • Climb on Everything 4 of 11
    Climb on Everything
    Ever since she started moving, Avery has tried to get into everything. Now that she's mastered walking, she wants to try to master climbing. I'll turn my back for five seconds and come back to find her in a basket or on top of something.
  • Blow Kisses 5 of 11
    Blow Kisses
    Avery is very affectionate. Her newest trick that she's learned is to blow kisses. If you tell her to blow you a kiss she will do the motion with a "muah" sound too. I love when she blows me a kiss without being prompted. Melts my heart.
  • Make a Mess 6 of 11
    Make a Mess
    Be careful not to leave anything around her that you don't want messed with, because she will for sure mess with it and make as much of a mess as possible. Her favorite is to take the wipes out of the container and put them all over the floor.
  • Dance 7 of 11
    Avery loves music. She loves it because she can dance to it. She will move her waist from side to side. No matter where the music is playing, this girl will dance for you. She will even do it on demand when you tell her to dance. It's possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen.
  • Greet Everyone She Sees 8 of 11
    Greet Everyone She Sees
    Avery loves telling every single person that we pass either hi or bye. She waves her hand as well. She is one of the most outgoing babies and loves to greet everyone. I love it because seeing the reaction of the person she is greeting just makes my day. It is genuine happiness being spread around.
  • Give Love 9 of 11
    Give Love
    This girl loves to show some affection. I've noticed in this past month that she has done it a lot more. She will simply lay her head down on your shoulder and let it rest for a couple of minutes. Or she will walk up to you and grab your leg as if she is giving it a hug. It's so nice that she is so outgoing with her love.
  • Do Everything Her Big Sister Does 10 of 11
    Do Everything Her Big Sister Does
    We've entered the stage when Avery wants to mimic everything that Harlan is doing. Harlan is very easy going about it and likes when Avery copies her. Their bond is so special and they love each other so much.
  • Play in Her Crib 11 of 11
    Play in Her Crib
    Rather than crying when she is put down or when she wakes up, Avery has finally learned how to entertain herself in the crib. She will talk to herself, play with her lovie, or even blow kisses at the stuffed animals that are hanging on the back of the door in her room. I told you she was outgoing!

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