11 Ways Having a Girl Has Been Different From Having a Boy

My first-born is a boy. He’s now 11, but when he was a baby and toddler, and we’d hang out with my friends who had girls I would always hear the same thing. “Guuuurrrll.  You just wait until you have a daughter.” What did that mean? Well, they tried to tell me, but I have an idea all my own now that I have a 17-month-old daughter. Of course, everyone’s children and daughters are different and unique, and much of the way they are is shaped by their environment. Here are 11 ways my daughter is different than my son was at her age.

She Tries to Charm Her Way Out of Everything 1 of 11
When my son would get caught doing something he knew he shouldn't have, he'd feel bad immediately and start to right his wrong by cleaning up, or trying to fix what he'd broken, etc. After my daughter's made a mess or gotten into something she shouldn't have or has done any other naughty thing, she simply gives us her "cute face" expecting it to clear her name and save her from our disapproving looks and tone. And I have to admit, that darned cute face does get a lot of miles. She's a cheeky little thing.
My Daughter Shows a Greater Interest in Art 2 of 11
One of my daughter's favorite things to do is draw and color (slash and swipe markers and pencils across a page). And this activity will occupy her for a surprising number of minutes. My son, on the other hand, was not so into coloring. He didn't have time for that.
My Daughter Is a Daddy's Girl 3 of 11
And my son was and still is a Momma's Boy.
She's a Pickier Eater 4 of 11
My son was a dream at this age, eating anything and everything with which he was presented. My daughter? Not so much.
My Daughter Loves to Mimic Me 5 of 11
She loves to pretend to put on makeup, talk on the phone or type on the computer. And she is crazy about carrying purses. From a pouchette, to a tote, to a small piece of luggage, my daughter loves to hang the handles in the bend of her arm and walk with it. My son didn't do that. And though he did mimic me some, he was much less into mimicking me, in general.
She Plays Softly 6 of 11
My son liked to hear the clank and bang of things clashing together. He was a rough and tumble boy. My daughter likes to do things softly and prefers to play more gently with things.
My Daughter Is Picky About the Clothes She Wears 7 of 11
My daughter really makes a fuss, even at this young age, if what I've dressed her in isn't what she's feeling at the moment. Though she's usually feeling the au natural look, when she has to wear clothes, she prefers things that are pretty, frilly and adorned with cute pictures. My son didn't give a rip what I put him. As long as it wasn't scratchy, he was OK with it. He's still like that.
My Daughter Likes to Shop With Me 8 of 11
My daughter quite enjoys a shopping outing, though it must be a short one (no longer than an hour). She loves to look at "peety" (pretty) shoes and other "peety" things, and gets a kick out of watching me try things on. She particularly loves to be able to select what I try on (She usually ends up dressing me like Diana Ross). And she doesn't mind trying things on, either. When I'd try to shop with my son at this age, he would simply want to hide in the racks of clothing every time. Needless to say, that nipped my shopping with him in the bud right away.
She Can Have Some Serious 'Tude 9 of 11
My son was a sweet and sensitive little boo, so accommodating. This one, though sweet and sensitive at times, is quite often a feisty number. If she doesn't like something, she'll quickly bust out some attitude complete with smug look and refusal to do what I say. Just yesterday, her 'tude got so big that I swear she did the snap and turn before she walked away from me.
She's More Verbal Than My Son Was at Her Age 10 of 11
Studies show that girls talk sooner than boys do. This is true in my experience. At this age, though my son was steadily building his vocabulary, he preferred to communicate with gestures and showing me rather than telling me. My daughter, on the other hand, wants to tell me everything. She would rather tell me what she wants (or try to at least) than show me.
My Daughter is More Cautious 11 of 11
My son was a little daredevil, dashing and crashing around. My daughter explores with caution. She also listens more and therefore responds more to my commands.
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