12 Amazing DIY (Free Tutorials!) Baby Toys

Anyone know of a DIY Addicts group? (No joiners, no quitters). Guilty party, hand-up, right here. I know I’m not the only one. We’re flux in a heavy trend of all that is DIY right now. Arguably, Pinterest is the leading cause of this, but I would venture to say that the creation of Pinterest was inspired by the DIY sub-culture.

Us DIY’ers? We are taking over the world; one recipe, garden terrarium, anything mason jar related, baby gear tutorial at a time.

I’ve curated this sweet little round of baby toy tutorials for the crafty mommas out there. These are all pretty easy and no one has to be a pro on the sewing machine to accomplish these projects. Enjoy!

  • Fabric Beach Balls 1 of 12
    A relatively simple tutorial, with lovely pictures. My 11 month old adores playing with soft balls of various size, contrasting colour, pattern and texture. You could add folded ribbon to make tags, and/or rattle or jingle bell inserts. At least that's what I plan on doing.
    Get the free tutorial here, via The Purl Bee
  • Car Seat & Stroller Toys 2 of 12
    This tute is a breeze. I noted that the author would add some crinkle paper to the inside before sewing, and I concur. Things that crinkle are like baby crack. For babies.
    Get the free tutorial here, via Made by Joel
  • Soft Book of Colours 3 of 12
    This one may be a little more time consuming, but not difficult and totally worth it. The tutorial even includes a cute video, very detailed instructions with great step by step pics.
    Get the free tutorial here, via Home Grown Happy
  • Fabric Ring Stacker 4 of 12
    I love the quilt style aesthetic to this bad boy. It may take a while to make, but it'll last, you can toss all the parts in the washing machine and it's plastic free! Yay for less fluorescent plastic baby toys taking over your home! Added bonus, it will be made with love, by you. An heirloom piece that you can tuck away for your little to pass on to their littles.
    Get the free tutorial here, via Domesticesq
  • Rainbow Sunshine Plushy 5 of 12
    How darling is this little sucker? A super easy project that you can whip off no problem. Promise. Just try. Free download and cute story included.
    Get the free tutorial here, via Chez Beeper Bebe
  • Baby Blocks 6 of 12
    Soft, textured, quilt appeal. That's what I'm all about if you haven't already gathered. Only because that's what the babies are all about. Just ask them. Simple tutorial complete with fabulous pictures. I'm making these for my Abby's 1st birthday.
    Get the free tutorial here, via Wren Handmade
  • Sensory Treasure Basket 7 of 12
    I've made one of these for both of my littles and they've been a resounding success. Popular because it encourages them to explore and play independently. Also because you can periodically change out the items, which keeps their interest piqued and imagination buzzing.
    Get the lowdown and object ideas here, via Modern Parents, Messy Kids
  • Crunchy Jellyfish 8 of 12
    Okay, these plushies just keep getting more and more cute. Is it wrong that I kind of want this for myself too? Don't answer that. The added bonus? It crinkles (hence the crunchy name).
    Get the free tutorial here, via Kid Independent
  • Plush Cloud Mobile 9 of 12
    I die. Simply exquisite. How can something so easy to make be so fantastic? Because the creator is pure genius, I'd say. At any rate - as a maker of baby mobiles myself - this beauty, is so charming. So dreamy. Another one that I want for myself.
    Get the free PDF tutorial here, via Petit Poulou
  • Foxes To Die For 10 of 12
    Squee! What fun. You want to click the link below just to see all of the images of what the tutorial creator's mind has concocted with each of these foxes. Amazing. Again, as a plush fox maker myself - I can give props where props are due. I am smitten. Are you? Plush Makah Represent!
    Get the free tutorial here, via A Beautiful Mess
  • Wipe Container Turned Best Invention Ever 11 of 12
    You may or may not know that babies (and toddlers) fancy the things you'd never guess at. Or perhaps rather they didn't. Like pulling all of the wipes out of the container, or all the toilet-paper off of the roll. What fun! Have no fear, I've found the answer. What a splendid idea.
    Get the free tutorial here, via A Spotted Pony
  • Sun Ray Sensory 12 of 12
    This is such an quick and easy project, with delightful results. Wait till you see what she uses for the crinkle! Genius. Also? Her baby is ZOMG, so ridiculously cute. The pudge.
    Get the free tutorial here, via Made by Joel


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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