12 Baby Items Fit for a Time Lord

When geek parents have babies we often like to pass down our fandoms like a legacy. The best way to do that is by finding unique items that are inspired by our favorite shows. Click through the gallery to see these adorable baby items inspired by Doctor Who.

I Heart My Daddy Bib 1 of 12
Time Lords have two hearts meaning double the love and quite possibly double the mess while eating. Thankfully this bib can help you contain the mess. This bib and others (such as "Are You My Mummy?") are available at Mockingbird Marketplace.
Don't Blink 2 of 12
It's never too early to start teaching your little one about The Doctor's enemies. Playing with a rattle that looks like a Weeping Angel brings the game peek-a-boo to a whole new level. Geek-a-Bye Baby offers these as well as Dalek inspired rattles.
Pint Sized Tenth 3 of 12
Is the Tenth Doctor your favorite? Then check out this long sleeve one piece from The Ciche Mom. It looks like the signature suit and tie David Tennant wore so well making it perfect for baby cosplay!
Pint Sized Eleventh 4 of 12
Perhaps your favorite is the Eleventh and you are mourning Matt Smith's upcoming regeneration. No worries, with this bodysuit your little one can take over in his signature look. Currently The Ciche Mom only has newborn sizes available.
Time Traveling Mobile 5 of 12
Images of sugar plums will be replaced with dancing stars and time travelers in your baby's head as they drift off to sleep beneath this adorable handcrafted mobile. Seriously it is super cute! This one looks like the TARDIS, the Eleventh Doctor, River Song, a Cyberman, and a lone surviving Dalek. Not your ideal group? You can choose from other characters too such as Amy Pond or Donna Noble at FoxFluff.
Bowties Are Cool 6 of 12
The Eleventh Doctor assures us that bowties are cool (and wears them well, I might add). They are incredibly cute on little babies too. Babies are cool. You can find this and other assorted geekery at Geek-a-Bye Baby.
Fezzes Are Cool 7 of 12
Do you love the fun references shared among fellow Whovians? The Doctor is known for introducing quirky clothing and accessories such as a red fez. This hand crochet fez from Geekistry would go perfect with a red bowtie, don't you think?
Geeky Babywearing 8 of 12
This gorgeous mei tai baby carrier from Gracie and Sam is the coolest way for Whovians to wear their babies on the Gogh. This fabric was inspired by the episode "Vincent and The Doctor."
Are You My Mummy? 9 of 12
Exterminate spit up with these brilliant burp cloths. Newly generated Time Lords can make quite the mess in your kitchen, just ask young Amelia Pond. You can find these at Spry Sprout. She also makes a police box messenger bag which I can't help but wonder if it's bigger on the inside the way diaper bags need to be.
Throwbacks to the Classics 10 of 12
Travel back in time and show the Fourth Doctor some fan love. You couldn't miss his scarf, which has been an inspiration to knitters everywhere. GeekinOut knits these in sizes from baby to adult.
Next Stop: Everywhere 11 of 12
Have a little traveler who'd appreciate her own flying blue box? This blue dress featuring the infamous police box is perfect for your smart and daring little girl. Available at Geek-a-Bye Baby.
Exterminate Diaper Rash 12 of 12
Keep your friends on their toes with this new, incredibly unique generation of Daleks in cloth diaper form. Check out Seams Geeky's Facebook page for pictures of her latest handy work inspired by geek culture or stop by her shop. There's even a cloth diaper with an embroidered police box on it. Yes, I'm thinking WANT! too.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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