12 Baby Names Inspired by Presidents And Their Families

president names featuredPicking a strong name for a baby is always a challenge. You need the name to work with your last name, not evoke any ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends, keep all the in-laws happy, and suit the baby’s personality. Names can also be aspirational – do you want your child to sound like a movie star? A sportscaster? An author?

I’ve heard parents say that they want to give their kids names that sound good after the title President. There’s a rich history of names among our past Presidents and their wives and kids. Some are too antiquated for modern use (Millard? I don’t think so). But other names are fresh and charming!

In honor of the upcoming President’s Day holiday, here are some names inspired by great Presidents and their families!

  • Dolley 1 of 12
    I love this old fashioned name. It evokes the glamor and strength of First Lady Dolley Madison.
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  • Franklin 2 of 12
    To honor FDR, a favorite among Democrats.
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  • Ronald 3 of 12
    A quintessential Republican name! Name one for the Gipper!
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  • Alice 4 of 12
    This pretty name has spirited Presidential history. Teddy Roosevelt famously said of his daughter "I can either run the country or I can attend to Alice, but I cannot possibly do both."
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  • George 5 of 12
    Whether in honor of Washington or one of the Bushes, George is solidly Presidential name.
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  • Thomas 6 of 12
    Not just a great President, Thomas Jefferson was also the architect of US independence.
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  • Hillary 7 of 12
    From First Lady to Senator to Secretary of State, the sky's the limit for Mrs Clinton. Naming your daughter Hillary might be naming her after the first female President!
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  • Abigail 8 of 12
    Abigail Adams was considered to be the equal of her husband, second President John Adams.
  • Jacqueline 9 of 12
    Is there any name that evokes grace and class like Jackie Kennedy?
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  • Lincoln 10 of 12
    Abraham is a little unwieldy for my taste but Lincoln is a lovely boy's name.
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  • John 11 of 12
    John is the most common name for US Presidents with five bearing this moniker.
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  • Eleanor 12 of 12
    Arguably one of the greatest women in American history, Eleanor Roosevelt is a strong namesake for a girl.
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