10 (Adorable) DIY Baby Sleep Sack Tutorials

Double swaddled. Ninja moves? Phhhht!

She sleeps. No, not through the night. Better than before anyways. I am a firm believer that it is because of this. That there knitted tube, sack like cocoon in the picture.

Ever since I’ve started sliding her into it after being swaddled, she stays swaddled longer and it’s like she knows it’s sleep-time, most often doing it.

The sleep. May not be all night, but we’re getting there. She is only 14 weeks after all, I don’t expect all night. Just more than 20 min. intervals. Perhaps without being rocked or bounced constantly. Perhaps.


I bought it when at the Balls Falls Craft Show couple of weeks back, and Lil’ Abner loves it. Once upon a time ago, I started up knitting and crocheting, never getting far past scarves. I also crocheted a beret style hat. One. Once. I then got into amigurumi style crocheting little plushies for the dreamcatcher baby mobiles I make. Far too labour intensive to make a decent buck.

So. As one with average experience as a domiknitrix, inspection of said sleep sack led me to surmise that it was easy as banana bread to make. If one finds baking such basics easy. Don’t hate me because I love to do the stuff that I’m not supposed to love since the invention of robots.

This then led me to creating my Pinterest account (which I had been delaying – futile, really), wherein I started pinning away. Below are 10 awesome tutes and/or patterns for the DIY’ers out there. Ranging in skill level from SE = Super Easy, MC = Moderately Challenging, to NMMY = Not Me, Maybe You.

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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