12 Months of Zeke

12 months of zekeWell folks, how much I have loved spending the last 12 months sharing the up’s and down’s of raising our baby Zeke. Zeke turns a year in just a few days and I will be transition from raising a baby to raising a toddler, so what better place to blog than at Toddler Times!

Before saying an official good-bye *sniff* *sniff*, here is how much a baby grows in a year.

Here is Zeke, birth to now:

  • A Zeke is Born 1 of 13
    A Zeke is Born
    Born August 3, 2011, this little boy changed our lives forever. You can read his birth story here.
  • Month 1 2 of 13
    Month 1
    Oh sweet boy, no colic - just a night owl. This mom can't complain as you never really cry.
  • Month 2 3 of 13
    Month 2
    This boy is all smiles.
  • Month 3 4 of 13
    Month 3
    Laid back and finally sleeping.
  • Month 4 5 of 13
    Month 4
    This boy is as jolly as jolly gets.
  • Month 5 6 of 13
    Month 5
    In month 5 he decided to sit up!
  • Month 6 7 of 13
    Month 6
    Hello 6 months! Hello solids!
  • Month 7 8 of 13
    Month 7
    During month 7, Zeke hit the ground crawling.
  • Month 8 9 of 13
    Month 8
    Our sweet boy is growing too quick! Time to lower the crib!
  • Month 9 10 of 13
    Month 9
    Look mom, I learned to clap!
  • Month 10 11 of 13
    Month 10
    A spitting image of his dad, this boy melts my heart daily.
  • Month 11 12 of 13
    Month 11
    In month 11, he thought about walking and mastered the art of standing without holding on to anything. Mommy isn't liking this!
  • Month 12 13 of 13
    Month 12
    Almost a year, how time has flown. We love you buddy

Thanks for following along and I hope to see you at Toddler Times or on my personal blog Digital Mom Blog.

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