12 Quickie Make-Up Tips From Real Moms!

You know how mornings are. You have somewhere to be and very little time to get ready. The baby needs to be fed and dressed, the diaper bag needs to be packed, the coffee needs to be slurped at lightning speed. You face and hair? Fugedaboudit! A little deoderant after your shower is the best you can do, right?

Maybe not. Maybe there is a way to slap on some make-up without losing too many crucial morning minutes. Sure, it would be nice to sit down and do the whole make-up and blow-dry routine but when you can’t, that doesn’t mean you have to abandon all personal grooming.

I’m a big fan of my 5 minute make-up routine. I slap on some BB cream, pencil in my eyebrows, apply mascara, and dust on a little blush. Sometimes, I’ll add a neutral eyeshadow with some shimmer to make my eyes brighter. It may not be a runway look, but it works for everyday. Plus? I’ve always loved putting on make-up so those 5 minutes of making myself feel pretty are priceless to me.

I went on Facebook and asked for more quick make-up tips and tricks. Here are what other moms had to say!

  • Erase it! 1 of 12
    Erase it!
    "LOVE -­â€ Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser. Sponge tip applicator. Quick/ easy to use. Feels like nothing on your face and completely evens skin tone and gets rid of redness and spots. I also use the concealer when needed. It's supposed to also tighten skin and erase lines and creases. Don't know about that, but the getting rid of the redness is so awesome I don't care about the lines." - Amy, Pennsylvania
  • Bright eyes! 2 of 12
    Bright eyes!
    "I love Aveeno smart essentials anti­â€fatigue eye!" - Brianne, USA
  • BB, baby! 3 of 12
    BB, baby!
    "I used to pre-­â€mix my foundation with some moisturizer in a travel container at the beginning of the week to save ;me. Now I use Garnier BB Cream when I'm in a hurry, instead. No sponges required, which is REALLY nice, plus it has sunscreen in it already, so thats one less thing I have on my counter. No concealer, no primer, just BB cream, powder, mascara, lipgloss, and away I go! I also buy artists' paintbrushes instead of "makeup" brushes because they're basically the same thing, and I can get them at craft stores with the really good coupons they put out every week." - Amanda, USA
  • Shock ’em! 4 of 12
    Shock 'em!
    "Throw on some tinted moisturizer (mark "Get A Tint" is AWESOME), brush a little bronzer on your cheeks for color (Josie Maran -­â€ Argan Brightening Bronzer), throw some mascara on... one that gives your lashes volume (Avon Super Shock mascara) , maybe a swipe of brown eyeliner across the top and voila! You're good to go. Eazy breezy. I don't leave home w/out at least the tinted moisturizer, bronzer, and mascara." - Carly , California
  • Hands too! 5 of 12
    Hands too!
    "I also use Garnier BB Cream, really a nice product and it is super quick. I also love Arbonne's hand cream. Specialized non drug store purchase, but worth every penny in my book. Thanks!" - Erica, Maryland
  • Lash out! 6 of 12
    Lash out!
    "Cannot live without my Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara, also moisturize at least twice a day to keep your skin looking good so you can go without foundation." - Rose, USA
    Mary Kay
  • Blushing eyes? 7 of 12
    Blushing eyes?
    "My best quickie technique: Learned way back in middle school to use blush as eyeshadow. The color is just enough to brighten your face, and takes so little time to apply! (Of course, most days, I wear absolutely no makeup. A bit of moisturizer, and I'm out the door.)" - Jennifer, Alabama
  • Glowing skin! 8 of 12
    Glowing skin!
    "L'Oréal bb cream!! Cannot live with out it. I hardly need any concealer now." - Karisa, USA
  • Pucker up! 9 of 12
    Pucker up!
    "Burts Bees tinted chapstick is fabooo!" - Synnøve, Tennessee
  • Double up! 10 of 12
    Double up!
    "Use products that do double-­â€duty: foundation with SPF, cream blush that's also lip color, etc. - Joslyn, Pennsylvania
  • Spend and splurge! 11 of 12
    Spend and splurge!
    "Fresh tinted lip balm (I use plum). It's expensive, and worth every single penny. Also Garnier tinted under-­â€eye roller. Gets rid of the bags if the shade works for you. Most of the Garnier products are very good (and way cheaper than the specialty store stuff)." - Grace, Virginia
  • A solid foundation! 12 of 12
    A solid foundation!
    "Origins base with SPF, powder, blush, eyeliner, mascara and tinted lip gloss. all products by Origins or Clinique. Five minutes and out the door." - Jen, California

Do you have any great tips? Please share!


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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