12 Science, History, and Other Smart Toys from Anthropologie

Did you know that Anthropologie has toys? And not just run-of-the-mill stylish toys — they have science, history, and other smart toys as well! While my daughters are only 1 year and 8 months old, I’m totally guilty of buying them things they won’t need for several years. I think of some early purchases almost as heirloom pieces, which I realize is pretty obnoxious. After all, who knows if in 20 years they’ll be as enamored with the style, color, and design as I am?

I can only cross my fingers that they’ll love something of theirs enough to pass it on to their own children. I think a lot of these toys would fit the bill:

  • Castle Rattles 1 of 12

    We can retell medieval history and let our imagination get the best of us. My favorite part is that the castle actually doubles as storage. Perfect for bedtime stories.

    Available for $100.00

  • Baby Seal Suit 2 of 12

    This is an actual onesie made in Iceland. What do I need a seal onesie for you ask?  What DON'T I need it for.  Photos, parties, Christmas morning...I'd make sure my daughter rocked this hybrid snowsuit/costume as often as possible.

    Available for $198.00

  • States Blocks 3 of 12

    I plan to make sure my daughters know their states, abbreviations, and capitols. These hand-printed blocks should do the trick. Hopefully she won't quiz me when she gets older!

    Available for $98.00

  • Kid’s Apron Set 4 of 12

    My 1-year-old daughter already wants in on the kitchen action, and I've been looking for an apron for her. Do you know how hard it is to find one that isn't in bright, primary colors? I love how classic this one is!

    Available for $45.00

  • What Does the Fox Say? 5 of 12

    I'm going to have that song stuck in my head for quite some time. My daughter might as well have a stuffed animal to go with it. The best part of this guy is his tail.

    Available for $24.00

  • Hieroglyphics Egyptian Block Set 6 of 12

    I bet you haven't seen one of these Hieroglyphics block sets before.  You'll be able to claim serious bragging rights the next time your baby visits the Natural History Museum and offers to provide translation.  I'm calling Hieroglyphic mommy-and-me classes as the next trend. You heard it here first.

    Available for $50.00

  • The Wizard of Oz 7 of 12

    I'm working on my daughter's book collection now. I think this cover makes for a gorgeous addition. I haven't seen a cooler cover yet.

    Available for $7.99

  • Bongos 8 of 12

    What baby couldn't use another drum or bongo? Artist Paul King of Index Drums handcrafts wooden percussion instruments from his Louisiana studio. I'm thinking it's a perfect 1st birthday present that'll be used before the party is even over.

    Available for $60.00

  • Counting Birds 9 of 12

    Put a number on it, and call it adorable. This set of 10 is made out of maple wood.  The vintage numbering is oh so adorable.

    Available for $50.00

  • Eames Blocks 10 of 12

    These Eames House blocks have serious potential to be passed down for multiple generations. They are handmade and have letters, patterns and shapes on all sides. Soooo retro modern, I'd put them on display.

    Available for $150.00

  • Baby/Kiddie Sized Yoga Mat 11 of 12

    This is one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" items. My 1 year-old daughter wants to do everything I do, and that includes standing on my mat. She needs her own, now if only they'd design a carrying case...

    Available for $30.00

  • Plush Girraffe Toy 12 of 12

    Have you ever seen one with hot pink spots? Me neither. The amazing pop of color is what soars it to the top of my wish list.  $20.00

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