12 Things I Hope My Daughter Learns

12 things I Hope My Daughter Learns | via Lauren Hartmann at BabbleSometimes when I stop to think about my daughter being a grown-up woman one day I get a little scared.

It’s intimidating to think about my job as a parent and all the things I need to teach her and all the ways in which I could potentially screw it up. Sometimes I think it’s a wonder anyone ever becomes a parent, because it’s a little bit terrifying knowing that you are responsible for a person…an actual little being.

But, then I realize that I need to chill out, because at the end of the day if I’ve tried to be the best mom I can be and have taught her some good life lessons along the way, then that is good enough and something to be proud of.

So I tried to think about what I really wanted her to learn in life the other day and this is what I came up with… 12 things I hope my daughter learns…

  • …That she doesn’t have to be perfect. 1 of 12
    It is my goal as a parent to be transparent. I hope that I am able to be honest with my daughter about my shortcomings and be quick to apologize when I make mistakes so that she can see that no one is perfect and that's ok.
  • …To feed herself well. 2 of 12
    Right now I get to choose the foods that my baby eats and I get to make sure that they are quality, nourishing foods that will benefit her body. That said, I realize that I will not always get to choose what she eats, so I hope that through modeling a healthy lifestyle for her we will teach her to appreciate good food and to eat in a balanced way. I hope she enjoys chocolate cake and broccoli with equal enthusiasm.
  • …To take time for silliness and frivolity. 3 of 12
    Life is to short to be stuffy and serious, so I hope she learns to laugh a little. Her personality now is a little on the serious side, which is ok, but I hope she indulges in silliness as well.
  • …To not find her self-worth in others. 4 of 12
    I hope she learns that she can't measure herself up to anyone else, because there is no one in the world quite like her and looking to others to find her value will only disappoint her.
  • …To find out what she loves and do it! 5 of 12
    I don't care if she's a rocket scientist or a fashion designer or a carpenter. I just hope she finds something that she loves to do and actually does it - whether it's as a vocation or just a creative outlet.
  • …To develop her own style. 6 of 12
    I love to dress Fern in fun, little outfits, but I hope that she finds her own sense of style as well...even if it's different from my own (which it probably will be). I can't wait to see what she enjoys and the ensembles she comes up with!
  • …To have faith and make it her own. 7 of 12
    Our faith is very important to us and I plan to share it with my daughter and to teach her about it and include her in it. I hope that she makes it her own though and that she never feels like we've forced it on her.
  • …To love her body. 8 of 12
    Loving my body has been a lifelong struggle for me and I hope that my daughter learns from an early age what an amazing and capable body she has been blessed with and to take the time to appreciate it for all it can do.
  • …To love others. 9 of 12
    I hope that my daughter grows up to be a kind and thoughtful person who shows love to others in all the little ways that matter.
  • …That she can’t always have what she wants. 10 of 12
    I hope she learns that we can't have everything that we want all the time. There are times she will be disappointed about this, but I think it's an important life lesson to learn.
  • …To be the best possible version of herself. 11 of 12
    No matter what she does or where she goes in life, I hope she will be the be the best her she can be - embrace and own her strengths and forget about the weaknesses.
  • …That we will always love her no matter what. 12 of 12
    There will be times when we will be disappointed about choices that she makes and probably times that we'll feel like she's selling herself short or not reaching her full potential...I think that's probably just part of being a parent. But, I hope she will know (because we will constantly be reminding her) that we will always love her no matter what and that she can always be honest with us.


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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